Friday, February 22, 2008

My Good Advice: How to Past the Disney World High

As part of a new feature of (my home site) and Can I Please Just Say.. I will be offering advice to anyone and everyone that asks for it. All you do is e-mail me at ! Please do so, it helps me pass the time.

The first brave soul to seek this valuable advice is someone by the name of “Chris” from Toronto, Canada.

“I just returned from the awesome Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and I have a bit of a crisis. I'm back in crappy Toronto, Canada (in the February blahs), and I can't seem to focus on anything because I'm so depressed on not being in the 'happiest place on earth' where 'dreams come true' and...well you get the picture. I'm going back to university now and need some advice on dealing with life after Disney World (hopefully one day I'll just work there...selling beaver tails in the Canadian pavilion at Epcot, ha). So, any pointers?”

Well Chris, let me start by saying: “You think Toronto’s crappy, eh?” I’ve been to Canada once (Nova Scotia) and I thoroughly enjoyed all the “eh”s and “ya”s and thought I’d insert a few myself. In honor of Canada, of course.

Walt Disney World... I definitely feel your pain. You may or may not have gathered by perusing my website that I myself spent more than three months working at Disney World. That was nearly a year ago now and I still cannot get past wishing I were still there. The Happiness floating around there truly is intoxicating, ya? In the three months there I must have visited the different parks hundreds of times.. Literally. And never got tired of them. It was very sad to go, ya.

But the best thing about Walt Disney World is that it’s one of those things that will never go away. It will always be there to go back to. And it never stops growing. They add new rides and attractions all the time. So when you do get to go back, it will be even better than it was before.

The greatest advice I would give you is to HANDS DOWN WITHOUT A DOUBT do the Walt Disney World College Program. The link to the international program is:

I’m sure you’ve already heard of it, but it is really a great great thing to do. You live in great apartments, have a cool job, and best of all if you work in Canada at Epcot, you have a pretty rockin costume to wear to work, as I’m sure you’ve seen before. You also get to meet and work with people from everywhere around the world and you get in to all the parks for free as much as you want!

I did the program and it was just awesome. So ya, that’s my recommendation.

In the mean time though, you live in Toronto! And after some quick research, I’ve found a few things you could do around there (whether you’ve already done them or not).

You know, I’ve found that many times people that are from a certain place have never done a LOT of the things there are to do there. So, here are my ideas:

Canada’s Wonderland: From what I can tell, it looks freaking awesome, eh? A lot like Six Flags Over Texas. Lots of thrill rides.

Hockey Hall of Fame: Uhh- no explanation needed. And it’s only $12.

Toronto Zoo: Looks like an amazing zoo that you could spend a whole day at.. Reminds me of how much I loved Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Riverdale Farm: “Tour the Farm's scenic 7.5 acres along pathways through wooded areas, around ponds, and into butterfly-herb-flower-vegetable gardens. Cows, horses, donkey, sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits, and farm cats may be seen along the way in the barns and outdoor paddocks.” You can even watch a daily cow milking at 10:30. And its free. Lots of photo-ops there.

CN Tower: Go up in it. It’s huge.

And this looks like the most fun:

Toronto Island Park: Spend a day canoeing, biking, playing tennis, relaxing at the beach, or just you know, looking at downtown Toronto on the other side.

Dang, now I want to go Toronto! Looks like you have plenty of pretty cool options to fill your time before you make your way back to Orlando. And if you've already done all those well then, I guess do them again.