Saturday, February 2, 2008

You've Got it All Backwards

Seriously though, what is the deal with those people that INSIST on backing into their parking space?

I've seen it time and again, usually when I've gotten somewhere early (as I usually do) and I spend the remaining time until my event in my car either listening to the radio or reading a book, someone will inevitably pull into the spot next to me. But instead of being normal and pulling into the spot like nine out of ten people would do, this jerk has to back into the spot.

1) WHO are you trying to impress???

- if I weren't sitting in my car right next to that spot, no one would see your car backing-up skills anyway.

B) You of all people shouldn't be backing into the spot.. you're a terrible driver.

- if it takes you three tries to get the car somewhat centered between the lines, forget it. It isn't worth the embarrassment.

3) What are you accomplishing by backing in?

- if you're trying to save time by figuring that you'll be able to just pull straight out of the spot when you leave, don't forget to factor in the five minutes it took you to actually finish parking your car in the first place.

All I'm saying is: I've never found the need to have to back into a parking space so I just don't understand. But if there is a good reason to do so, someone please let me know, cuz I'll be the first one at the WalMart parking lot tonight to practice my car backing-up skills if I need to...


Unknown said...

amen to that!

i am constantly late to church because every single person who goes to my church feels the need to take 45 minutes to back in. i feel like it takes me 8 hours to actually get to a space!