Wednesday, March 5, 2008

AC Slater FINALLY Makes it to Broadway

If I think back to my childhood days of watching rerun after rerun of Saved By the Bell, I can't help but to remember thinking "This AC Slater guy should really be on Broadway."

Now, at the time, my concept of "Broadway" was still of it being the street a couple blocks away from my house in Texas that McDonald's and Taco Bell (at the time) were on. But now, 10 years later I know what the REAL Broadway is, and that Mario Lopez (AC Slater from Saved By the Bell) is gonna be on it in 42nd Street, and all I can say is:

Nowadays you can pretty much predict how any and every former TV "star"'s career will go:

1. They'll star in a minor hit on television anywhere from 1-4 years
2. They'll drift into obscurity only to make a minor appearance at a film premiere that has nothing to do with them
3. Someone will see them at that premiere, realize they're still alive, and put a "Wow, remember this dude?" photo of them in US Weekly
4. ABC will see the photo in US Weekly and cast them in Dancing With the Stars
5. The Insider/Access Hollywood/Extra will pick them up as a "Special Dancing with the Stars Correspondent" following their appearance and the show
6. They'll host a minor somehow-dancing-related reality show on a cable station
7. Finally they'll star in a show on Broadway

That just seems to be the way it goes these days. And what do I think about that? Brilliant. I mean if you really think about it, WHO ELSE would they put in these shows? People need more incentive to go see these shows than just talented singers and actors, we need minor C to D list celebrity motivation to fork over that kind of cash. And who better than former Saturday morning television star, Mario Lopez?

Bravo AC Slater, Bravo.