Thursday, March 6, 2008


OK so here's the thing: I happen to like Kelly Clarkson. A lot. She was my favorite on the ORIGINAL (and only good) season of American Idol from the beginning, and I have supported her ever since then in all her endeavors. My friends and I even started an impromptu campaign for her to become our next president several years ago when we all attended her concert wearing shirts proclaiming: KELLY FOR PREZ.

Well now, KC has had some tough going and I think it's time that we bring her back.

Now I'm not sure exactly HOW, I'm just saying that it needs to happen.

I guess I just came up with the idea and am relying on someone else to execute it.

But seriously, get to thinking people, she is literally an American Idol... We can't let that fall away.

PS I also really like her VitaminWater: Focus. Try it.