Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Was There a Blindfold Involved?

Often times you will see something that prompts you to say "Was there a blindfold involved in this?"

Well I thought this exact thing yesterday when I was sitting at a stop light and looked to the car in front of me. Clearly, the person who owned this Honda Whatchamacallit, was trying to save a little money and install window tinting themselves.
Ladies and Gentlemen I'm here to tell you: this NEVER WORKS.

After I saw it, I thought, "wow, was there a blindfold involved in this?" And then I grabbed my camera and snapped a picture.

Window tinting should be left to the professionals. Besides, what function does this tinting serve when all it is is bubbles? Unless, of course, you are a fish looking to feel a little more at home in this world, but I've yet to encounter that issue..

Usually when you can look at something and respond with the words:
"A monkey could probably do a better job," it means you've got a problem.

I'm just saying...