Saturday, April 19, 2008

Cash Cab!

By now everyone should know that I pretty much love anything and everything Discovery Channel: Dirty Jobs, How its Made, Some Assembly Required, etc. I used to like Myth Busters but honestly that's gotten a little old lately. And I don't like all the new people.

Anyway so this morning Discovery had a mini-marathon of Cash Cab (it was really just two episodes back-to-back) and let me just say: I love this show. And I want to be on it. Problem is: you have to randomly be in New York City and come upon the right cab at the right time to be on it. The chances of all those things happening is probably very slim.

Anyway, so you get in the cab and the driver's all "You're in the CASH CAB!!! AHHH!!!" He then proceeds to ask you a bunch of trivia questions whilst on route to your destination. 3 strikes and you're out. Literally. However if you get the questions right, you earn an increasing amount of cash dinero. I'm pretty sure that would be the greatest cab ride ever.

And if you're thinking "Isn't that the guy who played a random police officer on one episode of Law and Order: SVU?" you're correct. I thought the same thing too.


Anonymous said...

So... last semester, I watched "Cash Cab" every day. EVERY DAY. I haven't had time this semester, but... I miss it.