Sunday, April 27, 2008

Can we talk for a real quick second about VH1's new "Celebreality" show Celebracadabra? Flipping through channels tonight, I saw no more than 14 seconds of this show before my I felt my intelligence was insulted beyond repair.

You see, the show stars "celebrities" like Ant, the host from Celebrity Fit Club and Carnie Wilson, who has already been on reality shows like Fit Club and Gone Country, where she attempts to make it as a country singer. Since I guess the country singing didn't work out, she's trying her hand at being a magician.


It's funny cuz it's sad.

So, like I said, I couldn't bear to watch any more than the few seconds I did, but apparently these "celebrities" aka, people that have been on TV at least once (which for some of them I think Celebracadabra is actually their first TV appearance) compete to see who will become the world's next great magician. I will say though, that the one of them I do consider a celebrity is the woman that played Lindsay Lohan's maid in The Parent Trap. I don't know her name, but that was a good movie so I guess she can call herself a celebrity..

I gotta say though, all around bad idea VH1.

I posted a video at the top with clips from the show. I haven't watched it myself because I don't think I could make it. Major props to anyone that can!

HINT to VH1: Do another show where Omarosa and Janice Dickinson live together.. that crap is freakin hilarious.