Saturday, April 26, 2008

Figure it Out

So I've been thinking lately: "Whatever happened to TV's Summer Sanders?"

As a child growing up in the 90's, the golden age of Nickelodeon, (PS what happened to Nick anyway?) I got to see many amazing shows like What Would You Do?, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and my personal favorite: Figure it Out. Summer Sanders was the host for this always-entertaining investigative game show where wacky celebrities like Lori Beth Denberg and Danny Tamberelli used clues to figure out what crazy talent these kids had. And of course, someone always got slimed! Remember the funny hats the audience always wore? My favorite episode was where the kid could "PUT HIS SISTER IN A BUBBLE."

Anyway, so I don't know what made me think of her, but I realized that Summer Sanders may have little-to-no career left so I decided I would start with her IMDB page.As you can see, she hasn't done anything since she hosted the shortly-lived series Skating with Celebrities. General Rule: if you're knocking off Dancing with the Stars and your most well-known celebrity is... Summer Sanders, your chances of survival are not that great.

Next, I thought I'd GoogleNews her. That is to say, see if she's been a part of any relevant news events lately. Answer: no she hasn't.

So this classic-TV-game-show-host-gone-missing case is still wide open.. If anyone sees her, let me know! And tell her we want Figure it Out back!