Sunday, April 6, 2008

New iPhone Coming Soon?!

So for a while now I've had the ridiculous quality of possessing two, yes TWO cell phones. The reason being that T-Mobile and my Sidekick 2 (much love T-Mo) have an incredible data and texting plan. One that, in my texting prime, could not be passed up. At the same time, the rest of my family has AT&T and therefore in order to get free mobile to mobile and not rack up the minutes on both of our bills, I needed an AT&T phone too.

But that's all about to be solved (allegedly) because some old guy in an important-looking business meeting said that the iPhone is going 3G within 60 days. And since I refused to buy an iPhone until the 2nd version came out (so I didn't get Appled like I did with my iPod Photo when they released the iPod with Video a month later), I can finally go iPhone!

I know you're all happy for me. I know I am.