Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sorry We're Out of Donuts...

This is what I see yesterday as I drive by the Shipley's Donuts near my house.. Shipley's DONUTS is out of donuts.. Hilarious.

But of course nothing beats the time I went to a Subway in San Antonio that was out of, wait for it, BREAD. Yes, Subway, was out of bread. But they didn't have the smarts to even make a sign. No, they actually let me walk through the line, look at the menu, and ORDER a sandwich before they said "Oh, ya, we're like, out of bread.."

I would think at that point Subway might as well call it a day.

It's OK- I don't really like Subway that much anyway. I made a nice little call to customer service on my way out. They didn't believe me.


Anonymous said...

An actual exchange while in the drive thru at Taco Bell a year ago:

Me: Yeah, I'll just have 3 tacos and a medium Dr. Pepper.
TB Employee: Sorry, we're out of beef.
Me: Seriously?
TB Employee: Yeah.
Me: Oh... um, okay. I guess I'll have a... um... I wasn't expecting that... okay, I'll have a bean burrito, I guess.
TB Employee: We're out of beans, too.
Me: Are you kidding me?
TB Employee: No. Our shipment is late today.
Me: Okay... I'll still have the medium Dr. Pepper and... um... DAMN IT! Never mind!

And I drove off, thinking that Taco Bell should probably let everyone go home when they can't make 99% of what's on their menu.

Christina said...

2comments for this one:

1) At least they put up a sign.
2) Did you notice the cash only sign?? It's always fun when you go through the drive thru and order and all and get to the window and they tell you their machine is down, so cash only. How about putting the sign where you order?