Monday, April 14, 2008

Such a Good Idea McDonald's!

So, it's not often that I get a chance to give McDonald's major props for a new idea they've come up with. The last time was when they started the "Snack Wraps." I've had about a million crispy ranch Snack Wraps in the past year. And has everyone noticed that now EVERY fast food restaurant has copied McDonald's and has their own version of the Snack Wraps now?? *COUGH WENDY'S AND SONIC*

But anyway, what I was saying was that on my drive home from Oklahoma I stopped by a McDonald's drive-thru and noticed this sign/button as I drove away.It's the "We Forgot/You Forgot" button. FINALLY for all those times you drive up 5 feet and realize that they've left out your fries, ketchup, SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE, you can just push the button and they'll come out and help you instead of having to park and go in.

Now, I haven't seen this anywhere else, and they certainly don't have it at my McDonald's, but here's to hoping they do soon! Hear that McDonald's? If you're listening.. that button is a REALLY good idea..

I'm just sayin...


Christina said...

Taco Cabana needs one b/c they always forget the other 7 salsas I asked for.