Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Turn and Face the Strange Ch-ch-changes... NBC New Fall Lineup Edition

NBC announced the additions and changes to next season's fall lineup today and according to Variety, it's gonna be pretty weird. NBC has had a pretty rough last few years as far as new series go, but who knows, this could be their year.
New shows My Own Worst Enemy (starring Christian Slater), Kath and Kim, Knight Rider,and Crusoe will begin in the fall. And a show called Merlin will make its debut in the winter.. It's supposed to be about Camelot... Look for this to be next year's Bionic Woman.

I'm excited about Friday Night Lights being renewed because it's a really good show, though I honestly haven't watched at all this season.. whoops. The last shows I really care about being back are 30 Rock and The Office.

And then here's where it gets weird: NBC is planning on debuting a SPINOFF of The Office after the Super Bowl.... There aren't any details about the spinoff, but that's just weird to me. I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Weird thing/really cool thing #2: in October, NBC is planning 4 weeks of SNL: Thursday Night Lives to be aired in primetime.. Looks like they'll mostly be politically themed to coincide with the election in November. Random, but cool.
And then finally #3: they're claiming that next season will FINALLY be E.R.'s last season. Which is good, because I didn't even realize that was still on. They've been claiming that every season for the last 5 years was their last, so who knows what'll happen. Either way Uncle Jesse (John Stamos) will probably be looking for a new job...