Friday, May 30, 2008


If you haven't seen the season finale of LOST yet then stop reading. If you have seen it, HOLY CRAP!

But that wasn't even the craziest thing to happen.
They also successfully managed to move the island, which happened very differently than I expected. For some reason the vision in my head was of the island floating out of the water and then flying off to some random location. And if it did happen like that I was gonna be really mad cuz that would have been too sci-fi crazy for me. So I'm glad that instead it just seemed to disappear into an ocean drain hole following the same crazy noise and light show that happened when Desmond blew up the hatch.
I was thrilled when Desmond was finally reunited with Penny. I missed the typical slow-mo piano-backed reunion shot but there was no time for that. Hopefully Desmond and Penny's storyline doesn't end there because he's definitely one of my favorite characters. Surely they aren't done with him yet. Surely.Sun wins the award for Most Convincing Devastative Scream Ever for her reaction after the freighter blew up.
But what I need to know is: is Sun a bad person now? She black-trenchcoated her way down a London street to give Mr. Widmore a post-lunch surprise. I can't figure out whether or not she has now gone to the dark side and is REALLY wanting to work together with Widmore and if she is, why.
Whatever she's up to, based on that face, she is NOT playing around.
I'm glad Walt made a comeback! But for real though that kid has GROWN. Luckily it's in the future so it's all good. But good grief.
This isn't brain science but I also see a Juliet-Sawyer hookup in the near future.

All in all this was a GREAT-WONDERFUL-AMAZING-AWESOME season finale.

9 months to watch all 4 seasons again and try and figure out what the crap is going on.

ONE QUESTION REMAINS THOUGH, WHERE THE HECK IS VINCENT THE DOG?Someone better be feeding and taking care of him because he is the most innocent person in all of this. If anyone deserves getting off the island, it's him.

That's all I'm saying....

For a full/really funny recap, check out Best Week Ever's season finale recap HERE.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

I'm Going to Six Flags!!!

It's not as exciting as getting to say "I'm going to Disney World!" but hey, it's a theme park with roller coasters so I'm all for it.
I'll be at the ORIGINAL Six Flags Over Texas today. Haven't been in years.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm the #1 Featured Video on YouTube!

So my video, "The Outsiders," is the #1 featured video in Entertainment on YouTube right now.
That's pretty exciting!

If you haven't seen the video, you can check it out here:

Also, check out my other videos on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL and!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sanuk Sandals: My New Favorite Shoes

Sorry, I shouldn't have called them shoes as the label clearly says:
But seriously, they are my new favorite foot attire. The bottoms feel like really comfortable flip flops but they're encased in fabric much like a shoe so there's no uncomfortable plastic between your toes. The end result? Extreme comfort.

There are a bunch of different styles and they'll pretty much make you the coolest person on the block.

Translation: get them.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Finding Nemo: It just doesn't get any better

I know I go on and on about Disney/Pixar movies but I can't help it. They deserve it.
I watched Finding Nemo, one of my top 5 all-time favorite movies, last night and was just completely amazed by it, again.
Ellen Degeneres is hilarious as Dory and Pixar's animation and story is just unbeatable.
I watched the making-of documentary included on the DVD and cannot believe every single little thing that went into making this movie. You can tell how dedicated the cast and crew was to making this a wonderfully-told visually-stunning story.Cool fact: everyone working on the film had to be certified in SCUBA before they could begin so they would all have a better idea of what life is like in the ocean.

I KNOW all those people that made Shark Tale didn't do that.One of my favorite quotes:

DORY: Oh don't worry. Whales don't eat clownfish. They eat krill.
KRILL: Swim away!
DORY: Oh look! Krill.

It's just, an amazing movie.

And that's all.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

If I was Dead I'd Want a Virtual Autopsy

I watched the season finale of CSI: NY today and it had some of the coolest technology ever. During the episode titled "Hostage," Gary Sinise's character Mac performs a Virtual Autopsy on a murder victim in a bank vault. Using a CT machine, Mac scans the body and uploads the imagery to the CSI lab where a 3D representation of the body is created.From the lab, the doctor is able to walk Mac through removing the bullets from the real body by examining the 3D holographic model.
Good news and bad news:

The good news is that virtual autopsy technology is for real. Using a CT scanner, you can make an accurate 3D model of a person's insides which can help determine cause of death without ever using a scalpel.
The bad news is that the awesome holograph of a 3D model is not quite for real. Actual virtual autopsy imagery would likely appear on a normal computer screen more like what's pictured above.

Either way that's still pretty cool if you ask me.

I'm hoping we do get the holograph room though some day! That'd be wicked awesome. And that'd also be the day I started doing autopsies...

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More Word Association

  1. Referral :: Office

  2. Indiana :: Jones. Duh.

  3. Foil :: Aluminum

  4. Horizon :: Big

  5. Event :: Stress

  6. Sailing :: Seasick

  7. Footage :: Raw

  8. Sunday :: Morning

  9. Breathtaking :: Sunset

  10. Dude! :: where's my car?!
Again, thanks for the words.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Word Association

  1. Concentration :: Hard

  2. Relocated :: Moved

  3. Clot :: Blood

  4. Joints :: Bad

  5. Satellite :: Dave Matthews Band

  6. Money back :: Guarantee

  7. Kittens :: Little

  8. Shady :: Slim

  9. Drain :: Pipe

  10. Stroke :: Swim

Thanks for the Words

Monsters Inc. is so Gooood

Last night I was reminded of how freaking good Disney/Pixar movies are when I watched 2001's Monsters Inc. on DVD. Billy Crystal's Mike Wazowski and John Goodman's Sulley are hilarious together and make for a really great movie. I hadn't seen this movie since I saw it in theatres and I definitely didn't appreciate it then as much as I do now. It's really funny!

Here are some of the great quotes I noticed during the movie:
MIKE: I think I have a plan here: using mainly spoons, we dig a tunnel under the city and release it into the wild.
SULLEY: Spoons?
MIKE: That's it, I'm out of ideas. We're closed. Hot air balloon? Too expensive. Giant slingshot? Too conspicuous. Enormous wooden horse? Too Greek.

SULLEY: Are there kids in that village?
YETI: Oh, sure. Tough kids, sissy kids, kids who climb on rocks...

NEEDLEMAN: So I said, "If you talk to me like that again, we're through."
SMITTY: Oh! What did she say?
NEEDLEMAN: You know my mom. She sent me to my room.

MIKE: Sulley, you're not supposed to name it. Once you name it, you start getting attached to it. Now put that thing back where it came from or so help me...
[Mike pauses, realizing that they suddenly have the attention of the entire scare floor]
MIKE: Oh, hey. We're rehearsing a - a scene for the upcoming company play called uh, Put That Thing Back Where It Came From Or So Help Me. It's a musical.
MIKE: Put that thing back where it came from or so help me... so help me, so help me and cut. We're still working on it, it's a work in progress but, hey, we need ushers.

In short: I love Disney movies and I can't wait for Wall-E!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Has Anyone Seen that Crazy New Aleve Commercial?

So Aleve has this bizarre new commercial featuring a guy who is high as the sky and so happy about his Aleve.

And now I will dissect said commercial:

Going to Indiana

I'll finally be seeing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull today! I watched all three of the original films in preparation for it (Last Crusade was my favorite) so I'm really excited to see how this one turned out!

I'll let you know.

PS: check out my website! There's more entertainment than you can handle.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Love Winning Bets with Myself

So I have a funny story.

I was at Tom Thumb last night getting groceries and I heard this girl talking and saw her walk up behind me looking at the same stuff on the shelves (dishwasher soap) as I was. She was wearing some sort of sundress over jeans and between what she was wearing and the way she spoke (“I’m just lookin’ for somethin’ cheap!”) I made a bet with myself that if I were to look down, she wouldn’t be wearing any shoes. So, I of course took the bet since I was the one making it and I looked down and lo and behold, she had no shoes on. So I had mixed emotions after this. On one hand, I had just won a bet, but on the other hand I was sad for the fact that I had only seen/heard this girl for less than 2 seconds and I was already able to decide that she would be the type of person that wouldn’t be wearing any shoes.

And yes, that is a type of person. Here’s to hoping someone tells her about Flip Flops. They’re like, a dollar at Wal-Mart. And no more worrying about stepping on rusty nails!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Wii Fit Review !

So I finally got the long-awaited-for Nintendo Wii Fit and let me tell you: it's amazing.

Check out my video review for my opinions and clips. Of me. Using it.

My favorites are the Hula Hooping, the river bubble, and ski jumping.
It's kinda freaky how good the trainers are. Somehow they know what you're doing wrong in the exercise and correct you while you're doing it. I mean they don't like touch you or anything, they just say "DO THIS" you know?
Everything is balance-based so when you're standing on the board, it can tell if your center of balance is correct for the particular exercise. For instance, in the exercise he's doing above, the red dot is his center of balance. In order to get credit for that exercise you must keep the red dot within the yellow area.

There are balance, strength-training, cardio, and yoga exercises and as you progress and spend more time with Wii Fit you are able to unlock more games and more exercises.
The system also keeps track of your progress and your BMI. You can set goals for yourself and it will help you along the way.

Anyway, it's pretty darn cool and everyone should get one. Under $100 and TOTALLY worth it.

Lost Parrot Finds Himself

So apparently this parrot in Japan was taught his name and home address just in case he ever got lost. Cut to the parrot getting lost and telling the vet that he was taken to what his name is and where he lives. Hilarious.

Police rescued the African grey parrot two weeks ago from a neighbor's roof in the city of Nagareyama, near Tokyo. After spending a night at the station, he was transferred to a nearby veterinary hospital while police searched for clues, local policeman Shinjiro Uemura said.

He kept mum with the cops, but began chatting after a few days with the vet.

"I'm Mr. Yosuke Nakamura," the bird told the veterinarian, according to Uemura. The parrot also provided his full home address, down to the street number, and even entertained the hospital staff by singing songs.

"We checked the address, and what do you know, a Nakamura family really lived there. So we told them we've found Yosuke," Uemura said.

The Nakamura family told police they had been teaching the bird its name and address for about two years.

But Yosuke apparently wasn't keen on opening up to police officials.

"I tried to be friendly and talked to him, but he completely ignored me," Uemura said.

-Yahoo News

All I know is my dogs could NEVER do something like that. It just, wouldn't happen.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wii Fit Out Tomorrow!

Get ready cuz this time tomorrow I should be Wii Fit-ing it up!
Head butting.
Push Up-ing.Maybe even some yoga-ing.

It's gonna be fun. But I missed the preorder so I'll be store hopping starting at 8am til I find one. Woohoo!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Living Lohan=The Soup

One of my favorite shows on TV right now is The Soup, Joel McHale's comedic take on everything televised the week before (I like it much better than Best Week Ever). The show, of course, is broadcast on E! and features clips from great reality shows such as: The Girls Next Door, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Hills, America's Next Top Model, Tyra, and many brilliant others.
What I'm concerned about is that Dina and Ali Lohan (Lindsay's mother and sister)'s "reality" show Living Lohan premieres this week and I'm worried that it, in its entirety, may just become The Soup. Because if you really consider the circumstances, every minute depicting Dina Lohan's desperation to exploit her children could be considered Soup-worthy.


My favorite quote is Dina responding to a website supposedly having fake pictures of Lindsay posted."They don't realize, you know, Ali and Cody go to school every day. Cody's in, you know, elementary school. Ali deals with it in middle school. Kids read this garbage, and they believe it! There's gotta be boundaries with these people and the paparazzi and everything. There's just gotta be more boundaries set."
So what do we do if we want boundaries and we're tired of having the kids in the public eye...
I know! Let's bring the video cameras INTO our home and create a reality show about our crazy lives that will air on E! Entertainment Television and make Cody and Ali suffer even more!

You probably couldn't tell, but that last part was actually me talking. But channeling Dina Lohan...

I would say I'll be watching Living Lohan for all the excitement, but I'm pretty sure that Joel and The Soup will fill me in just fine.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

High School Musical Photoshop Disaster

A friend pointed me toward the Photoshop Disasters blog and a hilarious entry featuring the cover for the High School Musical Karaoke CD. Apparently whoever worked on the cover hadn't exactly used Photoshop much before as there are MANY deformities throughout the cast.. two examples being Monique having 7 fingers on her left hand and her right hand coming out of Lucas's stomach.. CLICK HERE to see the mistakes up close.

PS: I independently confirmed this being the real cover art through

Saturday, May 17, 2008

High School Musical: Get in the Picture

So you may have heard of the new ABC reality competition series, High School Musical: Get in the Picture. I just watched a video from WFTV in Orlando covering the auditions at Disney's Wide World of Sports (which you can see here) and it reminded me of how much I hate reality show auditions.

I've done American Idol, Star Search, even an open call for a Nickelodeon show, and every time I've left feeling much worse about myself than before I came. It's not that I feel bad that I didn't make it, it's that the process itself is just so sad. At American Idol they spend more time filming ridiculous promos (like everyone in Austin, Texas singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas.." original guys, original) than they do actually listening to people sing.
Every audition also has hundreds (many times thousands) of people like Sarah Vallegas from Orlando who, when asked why they're there respond: "I'm here.. to be famous." And they're not joking. Good to see everyone's priorities are in order. We NEED more famous people.

Another thing I don't like is that in every instance, reality performance shows are more about the bad auditions than the good. Though I used to think this was hilarious (season one American Idol anyone?) I now think it's sad to see people who clearly don't have a chance being exploited for TV ratings.

Not to mention: Let's talk about what the "PRIZE" for this show is:

According to the winner of the competition will "become a part of High School Musical history" by appearing in "a music video shown in the end credits of the feature film, Disney's High School Musical 3: Senior Year."Are you kidding me? That's it? If you're a HSM fan you probably remember Miley Cyrus's 2 second "appearance" at the end of HSM2, aaand my gut tells me that's about all this person's gonna get.

So ya, there they go milking the High School Musical franchise for every single last drop. And to think, I thought the musical toothbrush was the worst it could get.. But I don't see it stopping any time soon. Senior Year may be the last film for the original cast but surprise, surprise, HSM4 is already in the works.
I should mention though that one good thing DID come from this: it gave the divorced Newlywed Nick Lachey his first job in years as the show's host.