Sunday, May 25, 2008

If I was Dead I'd Want a Virtual Autopsy

I watched the season finale of CSI: NY today and it had some of the coolest technology ever. During the episode titled "Hostage," Gary Sinise's character Mac performs a Virtual Autopsy on a murder victim in a bank vault. Using a CT machine, Mac scans the body and uploads the imagery to the CSI lab where a 3D representation of the body is created.From the lab, the doctor is able to walk Mac through removing the bullets from the real body by examining the 3D holographic model.
Good news and bad news:

The good news is that virtual autopsy technology is for real. Using a CT scanner, you can make an accurate 3D model of a person's insides which can help determine cause of death without ever using a scalpel.
The bad news is that the awesome holograph of a 3D model is not quite for real. Actual virtual autopsy imagery would likely appear on a normal computer screen more like what's pictured above.

Either way that's still pretty cool if you ask me.

I'm hoping we do get the holograph room though some day! That'd be wicked awesome. And that'd also be the day I started doing autopsies...

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