Monday, May 12, 2008

Dooce- I want money too!

I just watched a Nightline segment about the woman who runs I've never heard about her but apparently there's a location called the "blogosphere" that I've never been to that loves her. I'm not knocking her, I just hadn't heard of her. I went to her site and I've gotta say she's really funny!

But here's the tidbit that peeked my interest (I know it's 'peaked' but I've written it wrong since I was a kid): she makes $40,000 a MONTH on online advertising revenue!

How do I get some of that? So far my Google Adsense account has racked up an incredible $2.10 for the entirety of its existence.

What am I missing? What must I do?

Help me! Take me to this magical kingdom they call "The Blogosphere!"

-UPDATE: I've checked and my Adsense is up to $6.84! Thanks YOUTube.