Saturday, May 17, 2008

High School Musical: Get in the Picture

So you may have heard of the new ABC reality competition series, High School Musical: Get in the Picture. I just watched a video from WFTV in Orlando covering the auditions at Disney's Wide World of Sports (which you can see here) and it reminded me of how much I hate reality show auditions.

I've done American Idol, Star Search, even an open call for a Nickelodeon show, and every time I've left feeling much worse about myself than before I came. It's not that I feel bad that I didn't make it, it's that the process itself is just so sad. At American Idol they spend more time filming ridiculous promos (like everyone in Austin, Texas singing "Deep in the Heart of Texas.." original guys, original) than they do actually listening to people sing.
Every audition also has hundreds (many times thousands) of people like Sarah Vallegas from Orlando who, when asked why they're there respond: "I'm here.. to be famous." And they're not joking. Good to see everyone's priorities are in order. We NEED more famous people.

Another thing I don't like is that in every instance, reality performance shows are more about the bad auditions than the good. Though I used to think this was hilarious (season one American Idol anyone?) I now think it's sad to see people who clearly don't have a chance being exploited for TV ratings.

Not to mention: Let's talk about what the "PRIZE" for this show is:

According to the winner of the competition will "become a part of High School Musical history" by appearing in "a music video shown in the end credits of the feature film, Disney's High School Musical 3: Senior Year."Are you kidding me? That's it? If you're a HSM fan you probably remember Miley Cyrus's 2 second "appearance" at the end of HSM2, aaand my gut tells me that's about all this person's gonna get.

So ya, there they go milking the High School Musical franchise for every single last drop. And to think, I thought the musical toothbrush was the worst it could get.. But I don't see it stopping any time soon. Senior Year may be the last film for the original cast but surprise, surprise, HSM4 is already in the works.
I should mention though that one good thing DID come from this: it gave the divorced Newlywed Nick Lachey his first job in years as the show's host.