Friday, May 16, 2008

I Finally Saw Prince Caspian

So a last minute decision yesterday led me to catch the midnight showing of Prince Caspian and I really enjoyed it! It ran a little long for my liking but that may have been just because it was almost 3am before we were out of the theatre. I also don't remember the relationship between Caspian and Susan existing in the book (which I read 2 weeks ago) but honestly I wouldn't be surprised if I totally forgot about it. I'm not the best reader in the world. I read, but don't always take in. By the way, the badger did a wonderful job. Academy-Award-worthy.

Anyway, that's done. Now on to Indiana Jones which I still need to view Last Crusade in preparation for.And if anyone knows what Tilda Swinton got paid for her 2 minute role I would love to know.