Thursday, May 22, 2008

I Love Winning Bets with Myself

So I have a funny story.

I was at Tom Thumb last night getting groceries and I heard this girl talking and saw her walk up behind me looking at the same stuff on the shelves (dishwasher soap) as I was. She was wearing some sort of sundress over jeans and between what she was wearing and the way she spoke (“I’m just lookin’ for somethin’ cheap!”) I made a bet with myself that if I were to look down, she wouldn’t be wearing any shoes. So, I of course took the bet since I was the one making it and I looked down and lo and behold, she had no shoes on. So I had mixed emotions after this. On one hand, I had just won a bet, but on the other hand I was sad for the fact that I had only seen/heard this girl for less than 2 seconds and I was already able to decide that she would be the type of person that wouldn’t be wearing any shoes.

And yes, that is a type of person. Here’s to hoping someone tells her about Flip Flops. They’re like, a dollar at Wal-Mart. And no more worrying about stepping on rusty nails!