Monday, May 19, 2008

Living Lohan=The Soup

One of my favorite shows on TV right now is The Soup, Joel McHale's comedic take on everything televised the week before (I like it much better than Best Week Ever). The show, of course, is broadcast on E! and features clips from great reality shows such as: The Girls Next Door, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, The Hills, America's Next Top Model, Tyra, and many brilliant others.
What I'm concerned about is that Dina and Ali Lohan (Lindsay's mother and sister)'s "reality" show Living Lohan premieres this week and I'm worried that it, in its entirety, may just become The Soup. Because if you really consider the circumstances, every minute depicting Dina Lohan's desperation to exploit her children could be considered Soup-worthy.


My favorite quote is Dina responding to a website supposedly having fake pictures of Lindsay posted."They don't realize, you know, Ali and Cody go to school every day. Cody's in, you know, elementary school. Ali deals with it in middle school. Kids read this garbage, and they believe it! There's gotta be boundaries with these people and the paparazzi and everything. There's just gotta be more boundaries set."
So what do we do if we want boundaries and we're tired of having the kids in the public eye...
I know! Let's bring the video cameras INTO our home and create a reality show about our crazy lives that will air on E! Entertainment Television and make Cody and Ali suffer even more!

You probably couldn't tell, but that last part was actually me talking. But channeling Dina Lohan...

I would say I'll be watching Living Lohan for all the excitement, but I'm pretty sure that Joel and The Soup will fill me in just fine.