Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Wii Fit Review !

So I finally got the long-awaited-for Nintendo Wii Fit and let me tell you: it's amazing.

Check out my video review for my opinions and clips. Of me. Using it.

My favorites are the Hula Hooping, the river bubble, and ski jumping.
It's kinda freaky how good the trainers are. Somehow they know what you're doing wrong in the exercise and correct you while you're doing it. I mean they don't like touch you or anything, they just say "DO THIS" you know?
Everything is balance-based so when you're standing on the board, it can tell if your center of balance is correct for the particular exercise. For instance, in the exercise he's doing above, the red dot is his center of balance. In order to get credit for that exercise you must keep the red dot within the yellow area.

There are balance, strength-training, cardio, and yoga exercises and as you progress and spend more time with Wii Fit you are able to unlock more games and more exercises.
The system also keeps track of your progress and your BMI. You can set goals for yourself and it will help you along the way.

Anyway, it's pretty darn cool and everyone should get one. Under $100 and TOTALLY worth it.