Monday, June 30, 2008

This is So True It's Scary: Are We Quickly Depleting Our Miley Resources?

This new video from The Onion basically embodies everything that I believe in and have talked about for the last 3 months on this blog.
Entertainment Scientists Warn Miley Cyrus Will Be Depleted by 2013
You can easily substitute "The Jonas Brothers" for any mention of "Miley Cyrus" and all information still applies. Though by my calculations, if their current operational rates continue, the Jonas Brothers will likely be tapped out of entertainment value by mid-2011, nearly one-and-a-half years before "Miles" (as her best friend Leslie calls her).

New CBS Show: The Mentalist ..or is it: Old USA Network Show: Psych?

Whilst watching Million Dollar Password on CBS last night I saw a promo for a new crime-solving drama out in the Fall called The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker from.. a bunch of stuff, and Robin Tunney who was killed off Prison Break after the first season.
A quick glance at this show would say that it looks to be pretty good. But dive any further and that perception kinda dissolves away. At least for me.
First thing's first, Simon Baker's character is an investigator who uses his extremely good observation skills and his ability to pick up on small clues most people wouldn't notice, to solve crime. This is: the exact plot of USA's Psych. The CBS promo even goes so far as to have people asking him if he's "psychic" which edges a little too close to copyright infringement for my comfort..

I mean sure, I guess considering the myriad of Law and Orders and CSIs we have, you're bound to have similarities in crime drama shows. You just might not want to blatantly point that out in your very first promo. That's all I'm saying..

The jury's still out on this show, whether or not it will make it past episode 2, but if it doesn't, it might just be because it's taking itself too seriously. Whereas James Roday on Psych is very comedic, Simon Baker doesn't seem to be, which makes his revelations (as you can see in the clip below) just sound cocky, rather than entertaining.
And also what he explains about the killer in that clip is completely obvious, at least to me, so maybe it isn't that he's really perceptive, but instead all his coworkers are just idiots, which in comparison, makes him seem brilliant.

I don't know, just a thought.

I'll give it a chance.

MAGIC Eye oooOOOooo

Do yall remember when the Magic Eye books were like the COOLEST thing to ever happen on the planet? The book I'm holding, which I believe is like the first REAL Magic Eye book, was released in 1993 and it took the world by STORM.

Oh the 90's...

So you know what to do, right? You're supposed to press your nose against the page and then slowly move it back to reveal a hidden picture within all the mess. SOME talented people (like myself) can see the picture without pressing our noses to the books, but instead just manipulating our eyes a certain way. (Don't ask me how, I'll never tell my secret).

I used to LOVE these things. They'd print them in the Sunday newspaper in the cartoons and I'd clip and save every single one of them. I know.. you don't even have to say it, I was a loser. Probably still am actually since I'm spending time to write an entry about Magic Eye.

Anyway, enjoy this puzzle from Disney's Magic Eye. Oh yes, you better BELIEVE I bought it.HINT: "GAWRSH!" and also, everything on that page...

I'm Still Waiting for Guffman

For no reason at all, a clip from the wonderful Waiting for Guffman.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mean Girls : Where Are They Now?

It's been a little more than 4 years since our favorite Tina-Fey-written movie about mean girls in high school was released and I thought I'd check in on a few of its key stars to see what they've been up to since 2004.

Lindsay Lohan: Cady Heron:Starred in a string of failed movies, guest starred in episodes of King of the Hill and Ugly Betty, went to rehab.. 3 times, and has gone absolutely bonkers.

Tina Fey: Writer and Ms. Norbury:
Remains amazing, stars in NBC's 30 Rock, won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a comedy series, and starred in this year's very funny film, Baby Mama.

Rachel McAdams: Regina George:
Starred in the hugely successful films The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, and Red Eye. Also remains my girlfriend and soon-to-be fiance (but shh! it's still a secret).

Lacey Chabert: Gretchen Wieners:
Guest starred in an episode of Ghost Whisperer and voiced a character on The Spectacular Spider-Man. (She's done a bunch of other stuff too but I'd never heard of any of it so I just figured I'd pretend it didn't happen). PS did you know she was the voice of the main girl on The Wild Thornberrys?

Amanda Seyfried: Karen Smith:
Starred in the first season of Veronica Mars and also on HBO's Big Love. Her new movie-musical Mamma Mia! with Meryl Streep is out this summer. Also, had plastic surgery.

Jonathan Bennett: Aaron Samuels:
Also on Veronica Mars, an episode of Smallville, and two episodes of Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List. Movie-wise he was in Cheaper By the Dozen 2 and the direct-to-DVD Bachelor Party Vegas.

Lizzy Caplan: Janis Ian:
On the one-seasoned CBS comedy The Class and the very-successful-but-vomit-inducing Cloverfield. (I should say that I never saw Cloverfield; I get nauseous from video games so I knew I couldn't make it through this one).

Daniel Franzese: Damian:
Guest-starred on episodes of Lisa Kudrow's post-Friends comedy The Comeback and CSI. Also was an extra in Tom Cruise's War of the Worlds (the sad word in that sentence being "extra") and played "Big Mikey" in a movie called Bar Starz. That's "stars" with a "Z."

So as you can see, post-Mean Girls life has been rough on a few of its stars and not-as-rough-but-still-not-great on some of the others... With the exception of Tina Fey, of course, who probably looks in the mirror each night before she goes to sleep and says to herself: "I am freaking awesome."

And you know what Tina? I agree.
I agree.

PS: Save-the-Dates should be coming in the mail soon-- Rachel wants a December wedding.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I Miss the Classic Cartoons

So yesterday morning, to pass the time that was going by so slowly until I was to see Wall-E, I randomly caught a few segments of Tom and Jerry on Cartoon Network. It has been forEVER since I had seen one of these old style cartoons and I've gotta say: I really miss them!

Nowadays kids' cartoons are all about teaching them something. Kids have to "learn" as they watch TV instead of just being entertained. From Blue's Clues and Dora the Explorer to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, some sort of lesson has to be taught involving problem solving and junk like that.

But not in the good old days! Back when I was a kid cartoons were only about making the children laugh, at any expense. Take for instance the episode of T&J I saw yesterday entitled "Safety Second." (Which, you owe it to yourself to watch the entire thing).
In this cartoon Tom, Jerry, and Jerry's son Nibbles playfully shoot 4th of July fireworks at each other with no regard to safety or well-being. And that's OK! Nibbles keeps a stash of fireworks and matches in his diaper so he's prepared should the situation call for him to blast a firework in either his father's or Tom's face.MGM wasn't worried about teaching kids how to speak Spanish or solve mysteries. In fact, there was really nothing of value in the cartoon at all, just a series of zany and playful explosive events that added up to a jolly good time for all its viewers.

I would like to take this opportunity to plead with animators: bring back the classic, and at times, pointless cartoon. Kids are tired of learning. They just want to be entertained! They wanna see stuff blow up and people running off cliffs, falling only when they finally look down.
So bring back the TNT blasting and and anvil dropping and do as the Tom and Jerry episode so plainly states: funny first, "Safety Second."

DISCLAIMER: These feelings of mine only apply to television cartoons. My thoughts on feature-length animated films are completely different. See my post on Pixar's Wall-E for more information.

Friday, June 27, 2008

The Newest Disney Film Trailer: BOLT

Another jewel of goodness to come out of today's screening of Wall-E was the trailer for the new Disney movie, BOLT, out November 26th.

John Travolta and Miley Cyrus (TEAM MILEY!) star in this dog "tail."
Ha. Hahaha. Ha. Uhh- anyway.

Check out the trailer RIGHT HERE!

Also included in the previews was a new trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which, I don't want to talk about. Let's just say: if you think it's gonna be a movie about Paris Hilton and her dog, you're EXACTLY right.


Wall-E IS HERE!!! My Thoughts

Just to start off right quick, for any and everything Wall-E related, The Disney Blog has got a great collection of Wall-E reviews and links in their WALL-E Reviews and Mega Link Collection so head over there for the easiest way to see what the world is making of Disney/Pixar's new release Wall-E. But wait, not before you read my thoughts first :)

As you could probably tell by the way I've talked about it almost every day leading up to its release, I was pretty darn excited for Wall-E. I attempted to squelch my level of expectations so as not to set myself up for disappointment, but I inevitably couldn't help myself and was practically twitching in my theatre seat waiting for the lights to go down and the movie to start.

I love seeing animated movies because that means lots of little kids will be there and really, those are the best audiences to be with. They become entranced by the animation and action on the screen that you rarely hear a peep out of them (unlike the highly caffeinated middle schoolers who can't go five seconds without texting their "BFF") but they also still have their imagination fully in tact and will laugh out loud at the drop of a hat, which in turn causes you to laugh out loud and this process goes on and on until it's just one big 90 minute-long laugh fest.
First up, before the feature presentation was the new short film Presto. Presto is about a magician and his carrot-hungry rabbit and their hilarious interaction during a magic trick. Using two hats, one being a regular magician's top hat, and the other a double of Mickey's hat from Fantasia's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," the rabbit is supposed to pass through one and into the other. But the rabbit will not perform the trick until he is given the carrot that he so desperately desires. Instead, he uses the opportunity that the magic passageway between the two hats presents him with to play with the magician until he gets what he wants. The result is a HILARIOUS sketch that throws back to classic cartoon antics reminiscent of Tom and Jerry and the like. Presto is definitely my favorite Pixar pre-film short. Riiight after For the Birds.

And now: our feature presentation.

By now you probably know the basic storyline of Wall-E.. a lone robot inhabits the earth doing what it was built to do: clean up and compact trash. Humans have abandoned Earth for life on the most luxurious of cruise ships where everything is automated and the people are fat. The story begins by showing us a day in the life of Wall-E. While he compacts trash he collects things that are of interest to him and stores them in his home base, a sort of Ariel's Grotto for robots. Wall-E is so happy-go-lucky that it is impossible not to like him. The character Wall-E is so well designed, by the writers and animators, that you'll find yourself identifying with the emotions that Wall-E experiences and pulling for him throughout his journey. I mean, how could you NOT like a robot that is fascinated by sporks and imitates the dances from Hello, Dolly!

Now, I hate SPOILERS so that is the extent of action that I will give away from the movie. What I will say is that the audience reaction from the film was GREAT. Adults and kids were laughing out loud constantly and there was hardly any "when is this gonna end" shuffling in the seats.

Wall-E definitely lives up to its predecessors and that is why I love Pixar so much. They put so much thought into each and every one of their movies and they don't dumb them down just to get cheap laughs. They treat all audience members as equal participants in the movie experience and therefore aim to entertain everyone. Pixar takes chances and does things differently. Wall-E is definitely different. It's a great comedy/love story/action sci-fi adventure and you will surely love it.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

One More Day Until Wall-E !!!

The looong wait for Disney/Pixar's latest, Wall-E, is almost over. And I couldn't be more excited. I've managed to stay away from any and all early reviews so as to ward off spoilers. Also the only preview I've seen is the one they've been showing in theatres for months. So the experience should be very new and surprising to me.

I'm trying not to go in with big expectations because I don't want to be disappointed (Hello, Incredibles). Instead, I'm just going like it's any old movie, like Kung Fu Panda, which I have refused to see in allegiance to my beloved Pixar, even though the reviews I've seen were good.


I mean.. this is just like any other movie. No big deal....


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

COLDPLAY Tops the Charts

Billboard just released sales figures for 6/17-6/25 and COLDPLAYS's new album Viva la Vida debuted at #1 with 721,000 copies sold!!! Wooohooo!!! It will no-doubt go on to sell many many more. Heck, I might buy it a couple more times just to hold me over until I go to their concert and sit in my FLOOR SEATS! Oh yes, that's right. Floor. Seats.

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III was number 2, and Disney Channel's soundtrack to Camp Rock debuted at #3 with 188,000 copies sold.

And while we're on the topic of Camp Rock, can I please just say that, after Camp Rock premiered this week, everyone's been buzzing about how Disney is "already" planning its sequel, as if that's news anymore.

I reported this news almost two months ago in my blog titled "The Hannah Montana Movie" and no one seemed to care that they were planning a sequel to a movie that no one had even seen yet. So why are they surprised now?

I'm just sayin....

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I wish I were a Jumper

So I just watched the Hayden Christensen movie, Jumper, for the first time and I've gotta say: it wasn't an incredible movie. But I did enjoy the premise: that you could teleport anywhere in the world that you wanted to, including bank vaults. The best part was his apartment which could only be described as somewhere the kid from Blank Check would live when he got older.

Rachel Bilson was not too inspiring in her performance, as her reaction to seeing the boy she had a crush on in middle school who was presumed dead after his disappearance into an icy pond 8 years prior, left a lot to be desired. Besides, I didn't really like seeing her outside the context of the OC anyway..

The movie was just OK. But far more entertaining: this fan video from YouTube featuring photos from the movie set to Justin Timberlake's SexyBack...

One of the Funnier Things I've Seen in a While: Chuck E. Cheese Band Singing Usher

BestWeekEver.TV had this linked up today and it's a video of the Chuck E. Cheese band (formerly known as Showbiz Pizza) that a guy apparently purchased and choreographs to actual music. So, just, enjoy.

I Found Raven
So ever since Disney Channel started running previews for the upcoming Cheetah Girls: One World movie, a certain question has no doubt been raised countless times at family dinner tables around the world (the topic was brought up at least 4 times during Chili's takeout tonight at my house): WHERE is Raven Symone?!

Yes, Raven is no where to be seen in this movie which, within the context of the movie's story will be that she's "gone off to college" or something completely inconceivable like that. But as far as real life goes: you can quit your worrying because..


Where, you might ask, was Ms. Raven spending time while the other cheetahs were sangin' and dancin' their faces off in India? That would be the set of NBC's upcoming Celebrity Family Feud.

Now, I have no clue who two of those "family" members are, but you may recognize the other two as her parents from her hit Disney Channel TV show, That's So Raven. Which, is interesting because the woman that played her mom left the show before it was done filming because she claimed to not be getting paid enough, forcing Disney to have to invent some elaborate excuse that mom left her two kids and husband at home for, what amounts to basically forever, because she's "studying in France" or something like that.. Much like they're having to do now for Raven.. "The circle of life," as they say in showbiz..

But anyway, work offers must have been slow to pour in if the first television appearance "T'Keyah Crystal Keymah" has made after leaving That's So Raven is Celebrity Family Feud as "the woman who played Raven's mom on That's So Raven."

I'm just sayin...

Monday, June 23, 2008

More Crazy Floridians !!!

A while back I presented the first installment of "Those Crazy Floridians" with a story about a crazy woman breaking into someone's house and hiding from the police under a pile of dirty clothes-- from WFTV, home of anchorwoman extraordinaire Martie Salt:Today, no need to read an entire news story, the headline (right off of says it all:

Man Named God Arrested Near Church For Selling Cocaine

Yay Florida!!! Keep up the crazy! I miss it!

4 Days Until Wall-E!!!

So we're four days (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) away from the opening of the newest Disney/Pixar film, Wall-E and I cannot wait!

There have been gobs of interviews with Andrew Stanton (co-writer and director) floating around on the Internets but I don't want to read them because I want the most sterile of thoughts about the movie going into it. Don't want to be swayed by others' thoughts or opinions.

But anyway, I'm really excited, especially cuz Stanton was also the co-writer and director of Finding Nemo, my favorite Pixar movie to date. So get ready, cuz we're almost there!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Camp Rock Premiere Ratings: Good, but not as good as High School Musical

The ratings for last night's premiere of the Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock were released today, as reported by Variety. The pic averaged 8.9 million viewers, which in cable TV land is great, but in Disney Channel Movie Land, has to be kind of a disappointment, and here's why:

Compare that opening to last year's High School Musical 2 which had nearly double the amount of viewers at 17.2 million. With the onslaught of promotion for Camp Rock that has been happening for the last 6 months in hopes of outdoing High School Musical 2's premiere, I can't help but think there are more than a few people at Disney Channel today who are 2 seconds away from a Tess-like backstage-bawling-in-the-corner breakdown (if you didn't get that reference, you must not have watched Camp Rock but you can still get the idea). The fact that Disney put SO much effort into promoting this movie and the fact that Corbin Bleu's Jump In!, which no one really cared about, premiered with only a LITTLE less viewers at 8.2 million, is not a good thing.
The soundtrack is doing pretty well on iTunes though at the moment, sitting at #2 behind COLDPLAY's masterpiece, Viva la Vida. It'll be interesting to see when sales statistics of that come out in a few weeks how it compares to HSM soundtrack sales. Of course, the soundtrack to the original High School Musical was the best-selling album of 2006 and the sequel's soundtrack was the best-selling album of 2007 with 615,000 copies sold in its first week.

But don't be concerned for the Diz, I think their bank accounts will be just fine.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Camp Rock Premiere Review : Live Blog

It's the premiere of Disney Channel's Camp Rock and I'm here to live blog it so here we go: (If you're reading this after the movie aired, start at the bottom of the post at 7:22 and read upwards).

So now you've heard my thoughts, what about you? Leave your comments and opinions about the movie (or my live blogging) in the comments section!

8:55: OK so Camp Rock is over. And I've gotta say: major disappointment. It lacked all the charm of High School Musical, it was just too forced. Also, the fact that the plot structure was basically a carbon copy of Tina Fey's magnificent Mean Girls was a little off-putting. I'm just glad no one got run over by a bus. If that would have happened I would've been on the phone was Tina Fey recommending she sue somebody. So.. ya, I mean, if there was nothing to compare this to, that would be one thing, but the music and production numbers from this movie can't even touch the awesomeness that was songs like "Bop to the Top" and "We're All in This Together" from HSM. It'll be interesting to see what the rest of the world thought of it!

8:53: "We Rock" was no where near as exciting as "We're All in This Together..."

8:51: I'm confused: If Mitchie wasn't in any rehearsals for the majority of camp and she didn't just win Final Jam, how is she front and center with Shane?

8:48: Good, I'm glad Margaret Dupree won. It would've been too obvious for Mitchie to win.

8:47: Oh wow, that was weird. And also this is the same scene from High School Musical 2 where Gabriella surprises Troy during his song at the end of the movie.

8:46: Yep.

8:45: OH MY GOSH! Mitchie gets to perform! Shocking! Wait, is Shane gonna finally hear her song and realize he's the girl he's looking for? Ala Cinderella?

8:44: Sharpay.. I mean, Regina.. I mean, Tess just apologized to her backup girl for being so mean. Thank goodness.

8:40: And just PS: 11th Mean Girls reference: Regina's talent show music skips and cuts off during their song. Exactly.. like.. Tess's just did.

8:40: I'm confused... How did Tess's mom getting a phone call during her song cause her music to just completely cut off.

8:38: Poor Tess! Her mom has shown up for performance but her backup dancers just ditched her!

8:37: 10th Mean Girls reference: OK so Final Jam at Camp Rock is set up almost exactly like the Winter Talent Show in Mean Girls right down to the Kevin G-like rap performance that is happening right now. Tess and her girls also just had a big backstage argument, exactly like Regina George and her girls do backstage before their talent show.

8:32: Nick Jonas is the best Jonas actor, and yet, for some reason, the least used?

8:29: Anyone know why Raven isn't in this new Cheetah Girls movie?

8:24: 9th Mean Girls reference: Tess plants her charm bracelet in Mitchie's stuff and gets her removed from all camp activities. In Mean Girls, Regina tells the principal that Lindsay Lohan's character created the slam book, featuring gossip about the school's students and outing a teacher as a drug dealer, and gets her in major trouble.

8:22: Mitchie tells Tess she's a better person than her. Apparently she's already forgotten that just 5 minutes ago it was revealed that she was lying to the whole camp because she was ashamed about who she was.

8:21: Alyson Stoner is my favorite person in this movie. Why isn't she Mitchie?

8:17: AND there it was! I was right! Shane's mad. Maybe I should look into writing formulaic movies!

8:16: Tess just revealed to the whole camp that Mitchie's mom DOESN'T work at a big music channel but she is instead, the camp cook. I have to say: I'm on Tess's side with this one. She's just pointing out the truth here. Mitchie lied her face off aaaand she should suffer the consequences.

8:15: Uh oh, here it comes. Shane's about to find out about Mitchie's mom.

8:14: Kevin Jonas doesn't play dumb really well.

8:11: HEY! Something positive! I like this "Play My Music" song.

8:10: Prediction: Shane (Joe Jonas) is gonna get REALLY mad at Mitchie when he realizes that she lied to him. (EXACTLY like Aaron Samuels does in Mean Girls).

8:05: 8th Mean Girls reference: Caitlyn tells Mitchie how she used to be friends with Tess but then Tess became too cool for her. A LOT like Janis Ian reveals to Lindsay Lohan's character that SHE used to be friends with Regina George (Rachel McAdam's Queen Bee character from Mean Girls).

8:04: Why did the girls randomly have needles in their hands to pop the balloons with?

7:59: Wall-E comes out next Friday and I CAN'T WAIT!

7:56: AND there it was: Mitchie briefly trades places with Tess by embarrassing her in front of the camp crowd and in the process, breaks out of her shell.

7:56: Alyson Stoner's character Caitlyn's "song" is an interesting take on the background music from Mario Brothers.

7:54: 7th Mean Girls reference: Tess makes the girls wear specific color-coded clothing for an event.

7:52: UH OH, exactly 52 minutes for Mitchie's cover to be blown and the "OO! This is rich, and you're not!" line to be said.

7:51: Mitchie says Shane's song is "Good, really good, and I don't lie." Except, we all know that she has already lied about her mom's job. So now, she's lied twice.

7:50: How does Mitchie and Shane's 10 second run-in earlier prompt Shane to sing a 2 minute long ballad DIRECTLY into Mitchie's eyes. That's, just creepy. I don't care who you are.

7:48: While Joe Jonas sings I will just add a little sidenote: I'm glad to see/hear that all the typical Disney Channel Original Movie scene transition music is still in tact.

7:46: 6th Mean Girls reference: Tess's backup girls are complete idiots.

7:45: OK- Mitchie's uneasiness about EVERYTHING makes me uneasy.

7:42: I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that Mitchie is gonna become JUST like Tess for a moment during this movie and then realize how that's not good and become herself again in the end. (I'm not psychic, I've just seen Mean Girls which seems to be the basis of this entire movie).

7:40: 5th Mean Girls reference: Tess states that she has given up carbs.

7:39: They need to feature Alyson Stoner's dance skills a LOT more. You may remember her as the tiny little girl from Missy Eliot's dance crew.

7:37: Tess is the "Sharpay" of this movie but the problem is: it's already been revealed that the reason for Tess's meanness is her strained relationship with her mom so I feel bad for her.

7:32: Those percussion guys that are always bangin' on things with drum sticks are really annoying.

7:30: FINALLY the first commercial break. My thoughts so far are: no one smiles as much and as awkwardly as Mitchie. And no one gets over nervousness as fast as she did in that little group session they had.

7:26: 4th Mean Girls reference: Tess: "We NEVER let people in our group.. but do you want to join us?

7:22: We're 20 minutes in and there have been at least 3 direct copies from Mean Girls. 1: Tess, the Queen Bee of camp, invites Mitchie (Demi Lovato's character) to become part of their cabin, 2: there is a "Oo! Cool bracelet." line, and 3: Mitchie is all-but-ordered to sit with Tess and her girl gang and lunch.

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hannah Montana Concert Photos / Video

According to my counts, the people reading my blog tend to like the Hannah Montana-related posts. Or maybe she is the only reason you get to my posts in the first place.. In any case, I decided to post my review from the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert that I attended many months ago and litter it with pictures from the evening for your enjoyment.

I don’t want to oversell this, but the night of November 14th was possibly the most entertaining night of my ENTIRE life, ever. Some of you may know, and the rest of you will find out now: I, along with a friend of mine and her 8-year-old sister, went to the sold out Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert, and like I said it was incredible. So let’s set the scene: Ft. Worth Convention Center Arena holds 12,000 people.. the parking garage for the Ft. Worth CC Arena holds 700 cars...... SO needless to say, we got there early. Two and a half hours early, to be exact. But we weren’t the only ones. After we got our spot on the fourth level of the garage and made our way to the arena, thousands of people had already lined up for the pre-show Miley World extravaganza, and hundreds were already buying their t-shirts, programs, and “blinky lights” (this is what the sign actually advertised them as... I just thought that was funny). So we had our spot, our tickets, and hungry stomachs so we hit up the Corner Bakery down the street.. along with several hundred of our closest friends; half of them dressed as Hannah Montana.

You see, myself and my friend Allison being 20 and 21 stuck out like sore thumbs among the masses of blond-wigged girls aged 5-12, but honestly, we didn’t care.. we were just as excited as everyone else. And weren’t afraid to admit it. The show itself was flawless. I know, such a huge descriptive word to use, but seriously. It began with the Jonas Brothers. I didn’t want to like them, really. But I got their CD the day before to become more familiar with the music and you just can’t help but get into it. They were awesome, great entertainers and they did these crazy random flips in the air.. so that automatically adds points.
Then came Hannah Montana. Awesome. There are just no other words to describe it. The amount of energy and professionalism was just insane. For a 15 year old to handle such a huge tour and perform to the fullest extent every single night, I just had to hand it to her. She gave it her all and performed awesomely.
And I’m not gonna lie: I pretty much sang every single song. Me, and 12,000 screaming 8 year old girls.

After Hannah Montana came Miley Cyrus. They were both there. And yes, they're two different people. I enjoyed Miley as well. She looked an awful lot like Hannah Montana, but you can tell them apart from the hair. Miley's is brown to Hannah's blonde. But they both had the incredible ability to make children, moms, dads, sisters, *cough* friends of sisters,
and brothers to get up and groove to the music. Pretty much every one but Troy Aikman (who was there with his daughter and shown several times on the screen not looking too enthused) had a blast.
So basically there were three concerts, and they were all great. I felt like a 10-year-old again and it was freaking awesome. In conclusion, even though we may have been outnumbered 6,000 to 1 by 8-year-old girls, two college kids in their twenties would argue that the Hannah Montana concert provided us the greatest night ever.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Weird Things From Austin: Part 3: Tubes

On the University of Texas campus there is a "sculpture" or art piece titled Penetrable by Jesus (accent on the U) Rafael Soto. I have renamed this sculpture "Tubes" because it's easier to understand that way.Basically it's like a child's playground and feels like it belongs more in a Discovery Zone (you remember, the AMAZING kids play place where everyone (but me) had their birthday parties) than at an art museum. Nevertheless, it's a BUNCH of fun. As you can see in the video below.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

COLDPLAY'S Viva la Vida is My LIFE

So this goes completely without saying but I got COLDPLAY's new CD, Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends this morning and it is A-MAZING.

"Viva la Vida" is probably my favorite song at the moment but I'm sure that they'll all become very dearly loved as I continue to listen.

The best part of the CD are the instrumental interludes (kinda sorta the way Justin Timberlake did before and after songs on his last album). "Life in Technicolor" is the first track and is all instrumental and it's one of my favorites, so there you go.

Don't listen to Perez Hilton, it's amazing. GO GET IT!

The Flying Whale


Some pretty crazy storms rolled through the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex this morning and I chose the moment they hit my hometown of Garland, Texas to head out to get the new COLDPLAY CD, Viva la Vida (which, btw, is INCREDIBLE).

The winds were crazy strong and so was the rain resulting in about zero visibility through my windshield. I had the radio on and the DJ was talking about the weather and asked the caller "Well, are there cows flying around? If not, you'll probably be OK. But when cows start blowing in the wind, that's when I start to worry." Well, there weren't any cows flying but I could still barely see so I decided to pull off the road and into a neighborhood to wait out the storm. As I sat there I watched several trees around me bend and break and one house's flag pole teeter and totter with the strong gusts of wind.

All seemed well until I glanced into my review mirror and what appeared to be a FLYING COW, like the DJ was talking about, was headed straight toward my car. I had a small panic until I looked closer and realized what was flying by was actually a giant killer whale inflatable pool toy.Naturally, I had to share this with Bonnie, the DJ, cuz that was just way too coincidental. And about 20 minutes later me and my story were on the air. Oh, and I decided to save Shamu from the storm and bring him home with me..
So I guess you could say it was just another regular old morning.. flying whales and being on the radio...

Monday, June 16, 2008

Leave Miley Alone

A kind trucker on Texas highways took to etching in the dirt on the back of his truck to show his support for Disney's Miley Cyrus. I passed this truck on my way home to Dallas from Austin (don't worry, a friend in the passenger seat took the pic. I'm a safe driver!). If you look closely to the right you can see that he also has a kind heart towards "Brittany." I'll go ahead and make the assumption he's referring to Ms. Britney Spears with that but hey, who knows. There was a girl on my soccer team when I was 4 named Brittany. Maybe he's talking about her.

He also takes his message even one step further by adding a "PS: Leave Me Alone!!!"

So basically, if everyone would just leave everyone else alone, he and we, will all be happy.