Tuesday, June 3, 2008

As Seen On TV

So I'm a sucker for anything sold on television. Really, QVC, HSN, or anything Billy Mays sells is good in my book. I've got the Joy Mangano "Huggable Hangers," Oxyclean, and the Magic Bullet blender (but really who doesn't have the Magic Bullet?).

But for every wonderful thing sold on TV there are 14,000 bizarre and completely unnecessary things. Last night I spent several hours perusing the AsSeenOnTV website and needless to say, the treasures I found were nothing short of amazing. The following are just a few of the wide array of things that I came across...
Butter Butler.. because using a knife to spread butter on corn on the cob really IS too difficult to handle.RoboMaid: A REALLY, HORRIBLE knock off of the Roomba robotic vacuums. Robomaid looks to be one of those balls from the end of a toy ferret (you know, the ones you turn on and it flops across the room) surrounded by a very cheap plastic guard that has Kleenex on the bottom of it. The illustration wants to make you believe that it actually has a specific pattern that it will travel in to clean your room but chances are it probably rolls to one corner and pretty much just stays there.
Nyce Legs Spray On Instant Nylons: The phrase "no hassle" got cut off at the top just incase you were wondering. But "spray on nylons?" Is that just another way of saying "body paint?"
Safe Key Hider... Sounds like a good idea, except now that I've seen this picture, I'll know that if I see a license plate awkwardly hanging several inches away from its car, I can most likely lift it up, retrieve the key it's "hiding" and I've got myself a new Ford Focus!OK and finally, the Teaposy Blossom Gift Set for seriously looks like the most incredible thing ever. Basically you put this pod into the hot water and it blooms into this massive flower thing while brewing the tea. I didn't believe it either, but get a load of this commercial:

Freaking awesome, no?

I know what's going on MY birthday list this year...

More to come later....



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