Friday, June 20, 2008

Camp Rock Premiere Review : Live Blog

It's the premiere of Disney Channel's Camp Rock and I'm here to live blog it so here we go: (If you're reading this after the movie aired, start at the bottom of the post at 7:22 and read upwards).

So now you've heard my thoughts, what about you? Leave your comments and opinions about the movie (or my live blogging) in the comments section!

8:55: OK so Camp Rock is over. And I've gotta say: major disappointment. It lacked all the charm of High School Musical, it was just too forced. Also, the fact that the plot structure was basically a carbon copy of Tina Fey's magnificent Mean Girls was a little off-putting. I'm just glad no one got run over by a bus. If that would have happened I would've been on the phone was Tina Fey recommending she sue somebody. So.. ya, I mean, if there was nothing to compare this to, that would be one thing, but the music and production numbers from this movie can't even touch the awesomeness that was songs like "Bop to the Top" and "We're All in This Together" from HSM. It'll be interesting to see what the rest of the world thought of it!

8:53: "We Rock" was no where near as exciting as "We're All in This Together..."

8:51: I'm confused: If Mitchie wasn't in any rehearsals for the majority of camp and she didn't just win Final Jam, how is she front and center with Shane?

8:48: Good, I'm glad Margaret Dupree won. It would've been too obvious for Mitchie to win.

8:47: Oh wow, that was weird. And also this is the same scene from High School Musical 2 where Gabriella surprises Troy during his song at the end of the movie.

8:46: Yep.

8:45: OH MY GOSH! Mitchie gets to perform! Shocking! Wait, is Shane gonna finally hear her song and realize he's the girl he's looking for? Ala Cinderella?

8:44: Sharpay.. I mean, Regina.. I mean, Tess just apologized to her backup girl for being so mean. Thank goodness.

8:40: And just PS: 11th Mean Girls reference: Regina's talent show music skips and cuts off during their song. Exactly.. like.. Tess's just did.

8:40: I'm confused... How did Tess's mom getting a phone call during her song cause her music to just completely cut off.

8:38: Poor Tess! Her mom has shown up for performance but her backup dancers just ditched her!

8:37: 10th Mean Girls reference: OK so Final Jam at Camp Rock is set up almost exactly like the Winter Talent Show in Mean Girls right down to the Kevin G-like rap performance that is happening right now. Tess and her girls also just had a big backstage argument, exactly like Regina George and her girls do backstage before their talent show.

8:32: Nick Jonas is the best Jonas actor, and yet, for some reason, the least used?

8:29: Anyone know why Raven isn't in this new Cheetah Girls movie?

8:24: 9th Mean Girls reference: Tess plants her charm bracelet in Mitchie's stuff and gets her removed from all camp activities. In Mean Girls, Regina tells the principal that Lindsay Lohan's character created the slam book, featuring gossip about the school's students and outing a teacher as a drug dealer, and gets her in major trouble.

8:22: Mitchie tells Tess she's a better person than her. Apparently she's already forgotten that just 5 minutes ago it was revealed that she was lying to the whole camp because she was ashamed about who she was.

8:21: Alyson Stoner is my favorite person in this movie. Why isn't she Mitchie?

8:17: AND there it was! I was right! Shane's mad. Maybe I should look into writing formulaic movies!

8:16: Tess just revealed to the whole camp that Mitchie's mom DOESN'T work at a big music channel but she is instead, the camp cook. I have to say: I'm on Tess's side with this one. She's just pointing out the truth here. Mitchie lied her face off aaaand she should suffer the consequences.

8:15: Uh oh, here it comes. Shane's about to find out about Mitchie's mom.

8:14: Kevin Jonas doesn't play dumb really well.

8:11: HEY! Something positive! I like this "Play My Music" song.

8:10: Prediction: Shane (Joe Jonas) is gonna get REALLY mad at Mitchie when he realizes that she lied to him. (EXACTLY like Aaron Samuels does in Mean Girls).

8:05: 8th Mean Girls reference: Caitlyn tells Mitchie how she used to be friends with Tess but then Tess became too cool for her. A LOT like Janis Ian reveals to Lindsay Lohan's character that SHE used to be friends with Regina George (Rachel McAdam's Queen Bee character from Mean Girls).

8:04: Why did the girls randomly have needles in their hands to pop the balloons with?

7:59: Wall-E comes out next Friday and I CAN'T WAIT!

7:56: AND there it was: Mitchie briefly trades places with Tess by embarrassing her in front of the camp crowd and in the process, breaks out of her shell.

7:56: Alyson Stoner's character Caitlyn's "song" is an interesting take on the background music from Mario Brothers.

7:54: 7th Mean Girls reference: Tess makes the girls wear specific color-coded clothing for an event.

7:52: UH OH, exactly 52 minutes for Mitchie's cover to be blown and the "OO! This is rich, and you're not!" line to be said.

7:51: Mitchie says Shane's song is "Good, really good, and I don't lie." Except, we all know that she has already lied about her mom's job. So now, she's lied twice.

7:50: How does Mitchie and Shane's 10 second run-in earlier prompt Shane to sing a 2 minute long ballad DIRECTLY into Mitchie's eyes. That's, just creepy. I don't care who you are.

7:48: While Joe Jonas sings I will just add a little sidenote: I'm glad to see/hear that all the typical Disney Channel Original Movie scene transition music is still in tact.

7:46: 6th Mean Girls reference: Tess's backup girls are complete idiots.

7:45: OK- Mitchie's uneasiness about EVERYTHING makes me uneasy.

7:42: I'm just gonna go out on a limb and say that Mitchie is gonna become JUST like Tess for a moment during this movie and then realize how that's not good and become herself again in the end. (I'm not psychic, I've just seen Mean Girls which seems to be the basis of this entire movie).

7:40: 5th Mean Girls reference: Tess states that she has given up carbs.

7:39: They need to feature Alyson Stoner's dance skills a LOT more. You may remember her as the tiny little girl from Missy Eliot's dance crew.

7:37: Tess is the "Sharpay" of this movie but the problem is: it's already been revealed that the reason for Tess's meanness is her strained relationship with her mom so I feel bad for her.

7:32: Those percussion guys that are always bangin' on things with drum sticks are really annoying.

7:30: FINALLY the first commercial break. My thoughts so far are: no one smiles as much and as awkwardly as Mitchie. And no one gets over nervousness as fast as she did in that little group session they had.

7:26: 4th Mean Girls reference: Tess: "We NEVER let people in our group.. but do you want to join us?

7:22: We're 20 minutes in and there have been at least 3 direct copies from Mean Girls. 1: Tess, the Queen Bee of camp, invites Mitchie (Demi Lovato's character) to become part of their cabin, 2: there is a "Oo! Cool bracelet." line, and 3: Mitchie is all-but-ordered to sit with Tess and her girl gang and lunch.

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