Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Disney World on Google Earth! In 3D!

Thanks to John over at The Disney Blog, I found out that Walt Disney World is now digitally represented in 3D on Google Earth, the program from Google that provides satellite imaging of a large majority of the planet.
Just type "Walt Disney World" into the search bar on Google Earth, press enter, and BAM you can get close up 3D views of all the Disney parks and resort hotels. My computer was a little slow to load the imaging tonight but still it's pretty cool. I was surprised at just how detailed they were in this, even down to the crazy sun shade things over Pin Traders at Epcot. I can't imagine how long it took to convert everything to 3D. (Make sure to use the tilt and zoom feature to get a street view perspective).I managed some screen caps of the parks but they really don't do it justice. You'll have to head over and do some exploring yourself.
If you don't yet have Google Earth, you can download it for free at