Friday, June 13, 2008

Dubailand Sounds Amazingly Crazy

ABCNews has an ARTICLE on the up-and-coming Dubailand entertainment complex being built in the United Arab Emirates.
Let me just tell you: it sounds INSANE. It's said to be the Las Vegas of the Middle East, minus the gambling. There are gonna be about a bajillion theme parks within Dubailand including ones from Universal, Six Flags, Legoland, Marvel, and Dreamworks Animation. MGM and Ferrari also plan on building "theme parks" in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the UAE. A Ferrari theme park? Are you kidding me? Next thing you know, I'll have my own theme park there.My opinion is: great, build all these amazing theme parks half way around the world but don't be surprised when people aren't dropping everything to go over there. Are they aware how hot it is there? And that the Middle East isn't exactly the top vacation destination in the world at the moment?This isn't to say it won't be incredible. I'm sure it will; they apparently have endless supplies of money so why wouldn't it be. But, Hey Six Flags! How about spending like 10 bucks of it making your parks here any good. Considering that I have a Six Flags less than an hour away from my house that I rarely put forth the effort to go to, why would I spend thousands of dollars to go half-way around the world to go to another? (In case you missed my original memo to Six Flags you can catch that by CLICKING HERE).I'm just saying: I think it's a little risky for the entertainment companies to be putting so much into Dubai when we're not sure it'll even work yet. And I'm sorry, but the thought of spending time in a place dedicated exclusively to movies like Shark Tale, Over the Hedge, and Shrek (Dreamworks Animation Park) just does not sound exciting. I'm very glad that, at least at the moment, Disney Parks have no plans on setting up shop in Dubai. I like my Disney in Orlando just fine.

The one thing I definitely WOULD go for there would have to be the Shamu-shaped island of Sea World parks.I'm all about that.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, Six Flags should make an actual effort to have decent American parks. I live 5 minutes from Magic Mountain and have been maybe 5 times in my life.

The metal detectors upon entry really set the mood for the park.

To think that Disney and SFMM cost relatively the same and people go to Magic Mountain instead just baffles me.