Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hannah Montana Concert Photos / Video

According to my counts, the people reading my blog tend to like the Hannah Montana-related posts. Or maybe she is the only reason you get to my posts in the first place.. In any case, I decided to post my review from the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert that I attended many months ago and litter it with pictures from the evening for your enjoyment.

I don’t want to oversell this, but the night of November 14th was possibly the most entertaining night of my ENTIRE life, ever. Some of you may know, and the rest of you will find out now: I, along with a friend of mine and her 8-year-old sister, went to the sold out Jonas Brothers/Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert, and like I said it was incredible. So let’s set the scene: Ft. Worth Convention Center Arena holds 12,000 people.. the parking garage for the Ft. Worth CC Arena holds 700 cars...... SO needless to say, we got there early. Two and a half hours early, to be exact. But we weren’t the only ones. After we got our spot on the fourth level of the garage and made our way to the arena, thousands of people had already lined up for the pre-show Miley World extravaganza, and hundreds were already buying their t-shirts, programs, and “blinky lights” (this is what the sign actually advertised them as... I just thought that was funny). So we had our spot, our tickets, and hungry stomachs so we hit up the Corner Bakery down the street.. along with several hundred of our closest friends; half of them dressed as Hannah Montana.

You see, myself and my friend Allison being 20 and 21 stuck out like sore thumbs among the masses of blond-wigged girls aged 5-12, but honestly, we didn’t care.. we were just as excited as everyone else. And weren’t afraid to admit it. The show itself was flawless. I know, such a huge descriptive word to use, but seriously. It began with the Jonas Brothers. I didn’t want to like them, really. But I got their CD the day before to become more familiar with the music and you just can’t help but get into it. They were awesome, great entertainers and they did these crazy random flips in the air.. so that automatically adds points.
Then came Hannah Montana. Awesome. There are just no other words to describe it. The amount of energy and professionalism was just insane. For a 15 year old to handle such a huge tour and perform to the fullest extent every single night, I just had to hand it to her. She gave it her all and performed awesomely.
And I’m not gonna lie: I pretty much sang every single song. Me, and 12,000 screaming 8 year old girls.

After Hannah Montana came Miley Cyrus. They were both there. And yes, they're two different people. I enjoyed Miley as well. She looked an awful lot like Hannah Montana, but you can tell them apart from the hair. Miley's is brown to Hannah's blonde. But they both had the incredible ability to make children, moms, dads, sisters, *cough* friends of sisters,
and brothers to get up and groove to the music. Pretty much every one but Troy Aikman (who was there with his daughter and shown several times on the screen not looking too enthused) had a blast.
So basically there were three concerts, and they were all great. I felt like a 10-year-old again and it was freaking awesome. In conclusion, even though we may have been outnumbered 6,000 to 1 by 8-year-old girls, two college kids in their twenties would argue that the Hannah Montana concert provided us the greatest night ever.