Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I Found Raven

So ever since Disney Channel started running previews for the upcoming Cheetah Girls: One World movie, a certain question has no doubt been raised countless times at family dinner tables around the world (the topic was brought up at least 4 times during Chili's takeout tonight at my house): WHERE is Raven Symone?!

Yes, Raven is no where to be seen in this movie which, within the context of the movie's story will be that she's "gone off to college" or something completely inconceivable like that. But as far as real life goes: you can quit your worrying because..


Where, you might ask, was Ms. Raven spending time while the other cheetahs were sangin' and dancin' their faces off in India? That would be the set of NBC's upcoming Celebrity Family Feud.

Now, I have no clue who two of those "family" members are, but you may recognize the other two as her parents from her hit Disney Channel TV show, That's So Raven. Which, is interesting because the woman that played her mom left the show before it was done filming because she claimed to not be getting paid enough, forcing Disney to have to invent some elaborate excuse that mom left her two kids and husband at home for, what amounts to basically forever, because she's "studying in France" or something like that.. Much like they're having to do now for Raven.. "The circle of life," as they say in showbiz..

But anyway, work offers must have been slow to pour in if the first television appearance "T'Keyah Crystal Keymah" has made after leaving That's So Raven is Celebrity Family Feud as "the woman who played Raven's mom on That's So Raven."

I'm just sayin...



Anonymous said...


You are quite the sleuth. She should have just done the new CG movie... I bet she could have gotten merchandising rights on those stuffed elephants.