Monday, June 16, 2008

Leave Miley Alone

A kind trucker on Texas highways took to etching in the dirt on the back of his truck to show his support for Disney's Miley Cyrus. I passed this truck on my way home to Dallas from Austin (don't worry, a friend in the passenger seat took the pic. I'm a safe driver!). If you look closely to the right you can see that he also has a kind heart towards "Brittany." I'll go ahead and make the assumption he's referring to Ms. Britney Spears with that but hey, who knows. There was a girl on my soccer team when I was 4 named Brittany. Maybe he's talking about her.

He also takes his message even one step further by adding a "PS: Leave Me Alone!!!"

So basically, if everyone would just leave everyone else alone, he and we, will all be happy.