Monday, June 9, 2008

My Hopes and Dreams for iPhone 2.0

So my experience with Apple products is usually like this: I get something and a month later they update it. Case and point: iPod Photo. Literally a month later they released iPod with Video and I was stuck with an iPod with a COLOR SCREEN! oOOoOOoooOoOo. Most reactions to it were: "How do I get to the videos on here? Oh it just shows pictures? Nevermind."

Because of this, I refused to get an iPhone until at least the second version of it came out which I will buy the moment it is released so as to give me the longest possible time of having it until another one comes out.

So it all comes down to today, the Worldwide Developers Conference, where it has been rumored for months that Steve Jobs will announce the iPhone's latest version. Rumors of its existence and its features have literally been spreading at an epidemic pace and now finally, all the questions will be answered. Hopefully.

I myself have a few hopes and dreams for what will be included in this latest version, and I will share them with you now to pass the time as I wait for Steve's keynote to begin.

  • Front-facing video camera for Inspector-Gadget-like video chatting
  • 3G network for way faster Internet speeds (duh)
  • the ability to install that program that makes the iPhone look like a cup of coffee so when you tilt it the coffee pours out.
  • GPS
  • an automatic Sprinkles Cupcake dispenser
  • sideways keyboard for use while text messaging
  • and the always-included-feature-with-new-Apple-products: automatic coolness among peers who do not have a new iPhone of their own.
So, a little less than an hour from now my iPhone fate will be known and I can stop thinking about it 24/7.