Monday, June 30, 2008

New CBS Show: The Mentalist ..or is it: Old USA Network Show: Psych?

Whilst watching Million Dollar Password on CBS last night I saw a promo for a new crime-solving drama out in the Fall called The Mentalist, starring Simon Baker from.. a bunch of stuff, and Robin Tunney who was killed off Prison Break after the first season.
A quick glance at this show would say that it looks to be pretty good. But dive any further and that perception kinda dissolves away. At least for me.
First thing's first, Simon Baker's character is an investigator who uses his extremely good observation skills and his ability to pick up on small clues most people wouldn't notice, to solve crime. This is: the exact plot of USA's Psych. The CBS promo even goes so far as to have people asking him if he's "psychic" which edges a little too close to copyright infringement for my comfort..

I mean sure, I guess considering the myriad of Law and Orders and CSIs we have, you're bound to have similarities in crime drama shows. You just might not want to blatantly point that out in your very first promo. That's all I'm saying..

The jury's still out on this show, whether or not it will make it past episode 2, but if it doesn't, it might just be because it's taking itself too seriously. Whereas James Roday on Psych is very comedic, Simon Baker doesn't seem to be, which makes his revelations (as you can see in the clip below) just sound cocky, rather than entertaining.
And also what he explains about the killer in that clip is completely obvious, at least to me, so maybe it isn't that he's really perceptive, but instead all his coworkers are just idiots, which in comparison, makes him seem brilliant.

I don't know, just a thought.

I'll give it a chance.


miss mentalist said...

hi who ever u r who wrote this artical i think u r totaly wrong just to let u no i totaly LOVE this show and my personal opinoin of u is that u r just some sad low life that has nothing better do do then bag verythat happen to be really quite good. to tell u the truth im not really into the whole crime show thing but the mentalist shows is enjoyable. i really thik that u arnt a good judg of what is good and what is bad i bet u havent even watched a full episode.