Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sad News as Universal Studios Burns

Matt Sayles/STF

Just got word that part of Universal Studios' backlot in Los Angeles burned today. The backlot contains tons of set pieces from movies and TV shows such as Jaws, The Grinch, War of the Worlds, and Desperate Housewives which visitors to the park can see on the backlot tour.
Ted Chambers: Los Angeles City Fire Department

Apparently the courthouse from Back to the Future was destroyed as well as some facades of New York streets and the King Kong drive-thru portion of the tour.

I had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios Hollywood back in 2004 and I luckily got some pictures of the iconic sets that are unfortunately, no more.The courthouse from Back to the Future.New York streets frequently featured in TV and film including Jim Carrey's Bruce Almighty.The King Kong portion of the tour where the giant gorilla threatens to destroy the tour tram.

Very sad to hear, but at least no one was hurt!