Friday, June 13, 2008

A Series of Unfortunate Events : Sea Doo Edition

I got a semi-panicked voicemail last Sunday from my dad who was towing our Sea Doo down to the lake. It informed me that mid-transit, the jet ski's trailer had split in two and he had to leave it in the Walmart parking lot. I was, of course, flabbergasted because I've never heard of a trailer just breaking. (I should admit we were a little concerned that the metal on the trailer had been rusting and cracked some, but I never thought it'd actually just break. That crap only happens in the movies).

So after church I headed up to the Walmart to see what we could do. Basically nothing, was the answer. We ended up getting a friend's truck and me with my already-operated-on 20-year-old back, my dad with basically the same bad back that I have, our friend with a bum knee, and 2 of my friends with no physical injuries somehow miraculously lifted the Sea Doo off the trailer and into our friend's truck.
I acted like it was no big deal but Oh My Gosh, it was. That thing was HEA-VY.We then lifted the broken trailer into our truck, tied 3 miles of rope around it, and were on our way. (You can see how it bent and broke at a 90 degree angle which, is not a good thing).

Needless to say I took pictures to have evidential proof of our minor disaster.

Please enjoy them at our expense.

And when you're laughing, just know that I'll probably have to have another surgery because of it.