Friday, June 27, 2008

Wall-E IS HERE!!! My Thoughts

Just to start off right quick, for any and everything Wall-E related, The Disney Blog has got a great collection of Wall-E reviews and links in their WALL-E Reviews and Mega Link Collection so head over there for the easiest way to see what the world is making of Disney/Pixar's new release Wall-E. But wait, not before you read my thoughts first :)

As you could probably tell by the way I've talked about it almost every day leading up to its release, I was pretty darn excited for Wall-E. I attempted to squelch my level of expectations so as not to set myself up for disappointment, but I inevitably couldn't help myself and was practically twitching in my theatre seat waiting for the lights to go down and the movie to start.

I love seeing animated movies because that means lots of little kids will be there and really, those are the best audiences to be with. They become entranced by the animation and action on the screen that you rarely hear a peep out of them (unlike the highly caffeinated middle schoolers who can't go five seconds without texting their "BFF") but they also still have their imagination fully in tact and will laugh out loud at the drop of a hat, which in turn causes you to laugh out loud and this process goes on and on until it's just one big 90 minute-long laugh fest.
First up, before the feature presentation was the new short film Presto. Presto is about a magician and his carrot-hungry rabbit and their hilarious interaction during a magic trick. Using two hats, one being a regular magician's top hat, and the other a double of Mickey's hat from Fantasia's "The Sorcerer's Apprentice," the rabbit is supposed to pass through one and into the other. But the rabbit will not perform the trick until he is given the carrot that he so desperately desires. Instead, he uses the opportunity that the magic passageway between the two hats presents him with to play with the magician until he gets what he wants. The result is a HILARIOUS sketch that throws back to classic cartoon antics reminiscent of Tom and Jerry and the like. Presto is definitely my favorite Pixar pre-film short. Riiight after For the Birds.

And now: our feature presentation.

By now you probably know the basic storyline of Wall-E.. a lone robot inhabits the earth doing what it was built to do: clean up and compact trash. Humans have abandoned Earth for life on the most luxurious of cruise ships where everything is automated and the people are fat. The story begins by showing us a day in the life of Wall-E. While he compacts trash he collects things that are of interest to him and stores them in his home base, a sort of Ariel's Grotto for robots. Wall-E is so happy-go-lucky that it is impossible not to like him. The character Wall-E is so well designed, by the writers and animators, that you'll find yourself identifying with the emotions that Wall-E experiences and pulling for him throughout his journey. I mean, how could you NOT like a robot that is fascinated by sporks and imitates the dances from Hello, Dolly!

Now, I hate SPOILERS so that is the extent of action that I will give away from the movie. What I will say is that the audience reaction from the film was GREAT. Adults and kids were laughing out loud constantly and there was hardly any "when is this gonna end" shuffling in the seats.

Wall-E definitely lives up to its predecessors and that is why I love Pixar so much. They put so much thought into each and every one of their movies and they don't dumb them down just to get cheap laughs. They treat all audience members as equal participants in the movie experience and therefore aim to entertain everyone. Pixar takes chances and does things differently. Wall-E is definitely different. It's a great comedy/love story/action sci-fi adventure and you will surely love it.


Unknown said...

This is a very different movie and I know how much my nephews enjoyed it. This weekend they are planning to start some new series by Andy Yeatman. Let’s see what is there to learn from these shows. I am very much excited about these shows.