Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Weird Things From Austin : Part 1

I took a short trip down to Austin, Texas this week to see some friends and spend some time on the University of Texas campus and let me tell you: we had a blast. Austin is known for being pretty weird and they're proud of it. It's what makes Austin special!

There was no shortness of weird things to see on this trip and I managed to snap pictures of several of them for you to see. So now enjoy the first of many "Weird Things From Austin."I call this "High-Tech Dog Transporter 2.0." This guy was towing the dog mobile with his fancy schmancy motorcycle and the dogs were just chillin' and lookin at everyone sayin "Hey wassuupp?" like they were in some sort of dog parade. I can't imagine that being terribly comfortable though. But at least they don't have to bother with sticking their head out any car windows, as it is basically just one ginormous window.


Tessa Rose said...

Hi... So for starters, I like your blog. Secondly, I tagged you. I got tagged and needed to tag other people, but didn't know anyone so I hit the "Next Blog" button around a 100 times and stumbled across yours, liked it, and used it to tag. So, anyways, there are more details on my blog. But considering the fact that I'm a complete stranger, feel no obligation to do a tagging post. Right. I'm done sounding like a crazy person...