Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weird Things From Austin : Part 2 : Peacock Edition

On my recent trip to Austin I saw many a weird thing and managed to get pictures of a lot of them. If you missed the first edition of "Weird Things From Austin" you can see it by clicking HERE. Otherwise, enjoy Part 2.
Why did the peacock cross the road?Because it was tired of being in the nature preserve, apparently. I noticed this out my window whilst turning onto a scenic route on Mount Bonnell. The car that was about to hit it honked, and the bird pretty much honked right back with its bizarre peacock squeal (which you can see an example of here):

At first I thought it was a completely random site to see a peacock in the middle of the road, but then I noticed that we were very close to the nature preserve and I wasn't as weirded out.

Still, you can't just see a peacock chilling in the middle of the street just anywhere.

Leave it to Austin.


Dahiana said...

HAHAHA you KILL me! the example of the peacock's "honk" was hilarious. you are too random :) but i think i would have been just as totally confuzzled if i saw a peacock randomly waltzing around