Thursday, July 31, 2008

Disney 2D Animation is BACK! Hopefully...

Disney released the teaser trailer for its upcoming return to 2D animation, The Princess and the Frog. It's amazing how far 2D animation has come in the last few years. There's clearly a lot of computer generated backgrounds in use here, and New Orleans looks absolutely beautiful (almost a bit like Paris at night in Ratatouille).

Princess Tiana is voiced by Dreamgirls' and From Justin to Kelly's Tony-Award-winning Anika Noni Rose. Actors also featured as voices are the hilarious Jenifer Lewis, Angela Bassett, and John Goodman. Music by Randy Newman (which, I wasn't too thrilled to hear, but I'll deal).We'll see next Christmas if this will truly be Disney Animation's return to greatness that I'm hoping for. (With John Lasseter as head of Disney Animation now, I have extremely high hopes).

It's a Beautiful Day for Removing Teeth!

Today is a day that has been quite a long time coming; I'm FINALLY getting my wisdom teeth removed after being advised to do so by my orthodontist more than 3 years ago...

I'm not too concerned, they've mostly grown out already and from what I hear, that's a good thing. (If it isn't, don't tell me).

What I'm most worried about is this: after getting my wisdom teeth removed, will my wisdom indeed be gone? I know they say there's no connection but can we ever really be 100% sure?I'm just saying: if I come back tomorrow and sound like a complete idiot, you'll know what happened.

Does Christian Siriano Run a Bookstore Now?

I noticed this sign above the Intellectual Property bookstore on the drag in Austin a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't help but think that Project Runway's Christian Siriano had to have had something to do with it.If you are unfamiliar with Christian's lingo, look no further than this great clip from Saturday Night Live, courtesy of

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer.. My Friend's Thoughts

As you surely know, the new trailer for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince has "dropped," and rather than give you my thoughts on the matter, I feel like my friend Samantha over at Life on the Couch would do better. Therefore, I forward you along to her..CLICK HERE


Disney's Animal Kingdom All By Myself

I just spent an entire day at Disney's Animal Kingdom by myself and decided to chronicle the adventure for the viewing public's enjoyment. This is that video. Enjoy!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I just read a report claiming that all company-owned Bennigan's locations (not franchises) will be shut down basically immediately. But what will we do when our favorite restaurant to pass on isn't there anymore?! Phrases like "Nah, I don't like Bennigan's that much, I guess let's do Chili's," won't be valid anymore.

How will we rationalize all our trips to Chili's without having such a terrible restaurant to compare it to???

Who knew that that time 5 years ago in high school would be my last time ever at a Bennigan's? Wow, it almost makes me sad. And then I realize how bad it was, and I'm not sad anymore.

In fact, the best thing about dinner that night was that it was raining and my friend Mark had left his sunroof open.. Hilarity.

Monday, July 28, 2008

There's a new search engine in town and this one has considerably less "o"s in its name.'s minimalistic design is reminiscent of Google's, but its color scheme couldn't be more different, opting for the more ominous black, blue, and gray.

Generally, to judge a search engine I look at what is most important: search results for myself.Cuil-ing "Adam Rucker," generated a considerably larger number than Googling did (2,232,832 for and 677,000 for Google) but cuil's results were often repeats of themselves and were not relevant to me.

As for the design of the page, the results being displayed in a column design is certainly unique, but I'm still not sure how I feel about it.

One thing I did notice (and appreciate) was the lack of Google-like text ads flooding the page. I'm sure this will change in 4 seconds when they realize how much income filling that huge white space next to the search results could generate, but for now it's kinda nice.

My homepage is way still Google though.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Pixar's UP Teaser Trailer

So it's not much, but it IS new Pixar, and it's something for me to already put on the calendar to look forward to for an entire year. Woohoo!


I was recently a part of a conversation between friends about the book series, Twilight. Or I guess I wasn't so much a PART of the conversation, but rather, in the MIDDLE of the conversation, completely confused.

But why have me explain it to you when you can just watch the madness unfold for yourself?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Toy Story Mania!

By now I'm sure you've heard of the newest attraction at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Toy Story Mania. I've read about it for months but never had the opportunity to ride it until this week. And let me tell you: it was freaking awesome.Toy Story Mania combines 3D technology with the concept of Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin. Your ride vehicle takes you through several stages of game play where you aim your shooter at objects on the screen, pull the string, and 3D projectiles shoot into the picture and gain you points.

It's a lot of fun, and if I'm being completely truthful, I was very good at it. I waited in the single rider line which blew by in under 10 minutes even though there was a 70 minute normal waiting time.
I sat by a random dad who, as I climbed into the vehicle, proclaimed that he would be beating me. I casually laughed and said under my breath "Whatever you think, grandpa.."

I slaughtered him.

His downfall was that he wasn't shooting fast enough. Sure, his accuracy was better than mine, but who had 30,000 more points? That would be me.

So if you plan on playing Toy Story Mania any time soon, here's a helpful hint: Never. Stop. Shooting. Shoot any and every thing.

Have fun!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Moon Walker Says Aliens Exist

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, from the Apollo 14 mission has come out to say that aliens exist and the government's covering it up.

His description of what the aliens look like was pretty vague:
"little people who look strange to us."

Unfortunately, this doesn't tell us much. These aliens could look like anything basically.

Verne Troyer?
Water bottle girl?Ryan Seacrest???The world may never know.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I Met Wall-E !!!

I finally got to realize my month-old dream of meeting the star of Disney-Pixar's latest masterpiece, Wall-E.Or at least a very realistic-looking wooden cutout of him..

And you can meet him too! If you happen to be going to Disney's Hollywood Studios any time soon. Wall-E's located in the animation building. And rumor has it the mobile version will be making his way to Walt Disney World soon.WaaaAAAAaaall-E.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Midnight Breakout

Let it be known that I'm pretty sure I'm the first person in Orlando, and possibly the east coast, to own the new Miley Cyrus CD, Breakout. My friend Jenny and I were at Walmart picking up some junk when she realized it was 12:36AM and Miley's CD had just dropped.

SO we forced the CD girl who "had only been working here a day" to go in the back, pull out the ladder, and find the precious disc of music.

THEN on the car ride home it LITERALLY took me the entire time to pull the plastic off the cover, making its title: Breakout, a little ironic... (I know, that was stupid). So I still haven't listened to the whole thing yet. But in time I will. In time.

DISCLAIMER: I fully acknowledge that this post will dissolve all remaining friendships I have, even though I probably don't have anymore after the previous post about Reba.

Friday, July 18, 2008

I'll probably lose all my friends for saying this, but...

Reba is pretty funny.
I mean I haven't exactly sat and watched like Reba marathons or anything, but when I do catch little portions of the WB sitcom rerun, I find myself surprised at hearing the sound of laughter exiting my mouth.

Now, she's no Lucille Ball, but she is a funny redhead.

I'm just sayin....

--please don't send me hate mail--

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Even More Weird Things From Austin

So I'm spending some more time in glorious Austin, Texas this week and it didn't take long to come across more WEIRD things.Such as this, The Great Elephant Poo Poo Paper: paper, proudly made out of elephant "poo poo." There was a large selection of specialty paper and cards at the local bookstore, "Intellectual Property." Apparently because elephants eat large amounts of hay and dried grass and grind them up in the process, their waste is actually good material from which to make paper!

Who knew.

Monday, July 14, 2008

High School Musical 3 First Movie Trailer

Disney Channel released the first official movie trailer for the upcoming High School Musical 3: Senior Year last night and it looks pretty good!
The gang's all back to their old ways: Troy is playing basquetball, Gabriella is wondering if her and Troy will really last, Sharpay is mean again (even though overcoming her meanness is what her character spent both of the last two movies doing), Ryan's dancing, and Taylor and Chad remain barely featured.

It's nice to see the surrealist spotlight-on-the-basketball-court moment where Troy breaks down his thoughts in the middle of the game back from the first movie, and this time featuring Gabriella there to back him up. The rest of the preview looked really good. All I have to say is the opening number better be as good as "What Time is It?" from HSM2, and the closing better be as good as "We're All in This Together." Heck, it could BE "What Time is It?" and "We're All in This Together" for all I care...

I'm not gonna lie: I'm really excited about this one. And I am ready to fight thousands of tweens to get the best seats in the house on opening night.

So watch out.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Wendy's Strawberry Frosty Shake : A Review

So I realized I hadn't eaten dinner at around 10 o clock tonight and as I was passing a Wendy's I remembered that I had never tried those delicious-looking hand-spun Frosty shakes; I decided that this would be the night I would.

Verdict: not incredibly amazing. I got the strawberry flavor and:
A) it didn't look EXACTLY like it did in the commercial so that was disappointing.
B) it had a strawberry cough syrup medicine after taste. That is NEVER a good thing.

So I guess I'll stick to the strawberry cream slushes from Sonic and strawberry shakes from the Quick Trip gas station (for real I'm not kidding, those are amazing)

Friday, July 11, 2008

I got the iPhone 3G !!!

Today's experience is too much to type out, so to see/hear about my day getting the iPhone, check out my new video below:

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yall the iPhone 3G is Basically Here

So the lines are already beginning at my local AT&T wireless store* for the new iPhone 3G. And I'm all about getting it tomorrow, but there is no way I'm waiting overnight for it (especially in that neighborhood, OK?).

BUT I was all over the new Application store on iTunes today downloading all the free amazing programs for when I finally have that sweet piece of plastic/metal/glass in my hands.Can't wait!

*note, that picture is NOT my actual AT&T store.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't Go Atomic!

So I LOVE Wingstop. Love their wings, love their fries, love their ranch, love everything about them. However tonight, after more than 5 years of ordering 10 "Original Hot" wings, I decided to be a little wild and get 5 Original Hot and 5 "ATOMIC."

Now, I'm not an idiot so I knew what I was getting myself into. Or so I thought.

Holy goodness yall, those Atomic ones are HOT! Like, INSANELY HOT! There are so many spices coating those wings you can literally smell them a mile away. I took a bite of my first Atomic and my mouth immediately felt like it was literally on fire. I flooded my mouth with what probably amounted to 3 gallons of water before it began to die down. A LITTLE.

So needless to say: I didn't eat any more Atomics. I stuck to the just plain old Hot ones and freedom fries drenched in ranch dressing.

WHEW. That was too much. I'm still trying to get over it.

That's What Showbiz Will Do To Ya...

I miss this Lindsay Lohan:
That's all.

I Heart Redbox

So in case you are living in a balloon and didn't know, there's this wonderful new (kinda new) thing called Redbox. And I love it.

Basically what it is is a DVD rental vending machine located within many Walmarts, McDonald's, and other fine retailers. has a simple zip code search you can do to find one in your area. DVDs are only $1 a day (you have to return the DVD by 9pm the next day). If you keep a DVD for more than a day, it'll just charge your card a dollar for each day you keep it. Another GREAT thing about it is you can return your DVD to any Redbox location so you don't have to worry about getting back to where you got it from.

Redbox has mostly new release DVDs so if you're a Netflixer like I am you'll wanna keep your subscription for older DVDs and TV DVDs.

One last awesome thing about Redbox is that if you go to their website and sign up to join the SMS network, each Monday you'll get a text message with a free rental code to use on that day. Just enter that into the machine under PROMO CODE and you're good to go with a free DVD (as long as you return it the next day).

PS: One last tip: You can check the inventory of specific machines online and reserve movies through the website so when you get to the store they'll for sure have it. This helps especially with brand new releases as those go quickly.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Remembering the Worst Movie I've Ever Seen

If any of you have seen Mike Myers's The Cat in the Hat, you will SURELY agree with me that it was in fact the most horrible movie ever made in the history of humanity. And that's including SNL's It's Pat: The Movie.The movie starred the kid that played "Beans" on Even Stevens, and Dakota Fanning, who I'm SURE fired her agent immediately following the film's release. When I left the theatre that day I not only cried that I had just wasted $7 on a movie (it was matinee) but I also cried a little bit for humanity as a whole... (It is THAT bad).

I don't know why I even thought of this. I saw a cat or something. Or I heard the phrase "WORLD'S MOST HORRIBLE TERRIBLE MOVIE" and it reminded me.

Just trust me on this one: don't EVER see it. And for SURE don't let kids watch it.


New Harry Potter Pics

Just Jared has newly released pictures from the upcoming November released of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I'm pretty excited though I don't exactly remember everything that's gonna happen since I read the book so long ago.
I am interested though in seeing how they address Snape Avada-Kedavra-ing Dumbledore since all of us who have read Deathly Hallows (which better be everyone seeing these movies) already knows why and how that came about. We also know why Snape was mean to Harry and our feelings toward him won't be the same as they would have been prior to reading Deathly Hallows.

So it shall be quite an interesting event! I'm excited!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

5 Days Until iPhone/4 Days Left with a Sidekick

I've had a Sidekick (the amazing T-Mobile phone, not a person that follows me around and agrees with everything I say) for about 3 years now and with the approach of the iPhone 3G and my impending switch to AT&T, I'd like to just say a quick 'Thank You' to my Sidekick...

It has been a great phone, it really has. Even up until this day its screen's swivel feature that flips open to reveal a keyboard still impresses strangers on the street and people waiting with me in lines at the airport or amusement parks.

The Sidekick has also gotten me out of a lot of awkward situations. Its Internet capability has allowed me to pretend to be intently involved in something in order to conveniently not see those kids from middle school across the way from me that I really don't want to run into.

The Sidekick has also allowed me to freely look up phone numbers, maps, blogs, news, and basically anything I needed on the Internet, YEARS before all these iPhoners ever could. I chatted on AIM, played Battleship with my friend Logan online, and took pictures of the crazy ghost-hunting woman I sat by while being an extra in Mark Whalberg's Disney movie, Invincible. I broke the thing at least 3 times. The first two were not my fault (THEY WEREN'T! IT JUST STOPPED WORKING!) and the third time I actually dropped it. But then a friend was playing with it and dropped it again, causing it to work. Ugh, such fun times...

The Sidekick has been a great phone and I will truly miss it. Now it's time to move on to bigger and better things, but Sidekick, I'll NEVER forget you.

Friday, July 4, 2008

The First Picture from High School Musical 3: Senior Year

PEOPLE magazine has the first picture released from the upcoming High School Musical 3 and I'm not gonna lie: I just got a little excited. The photo appears to have been taken at the kids' prom, which from the looks of just this one picture, was a LOT more fun than my prom.

Troy and Gabriella were, of course, given the front-and-center placement with hat-wearing-Ryan and whoever he went with (His sister Sharpay? Sad..) behind Gabriella on the left, and Taylor and presumably Chad behind Troy on the right.

It also looks a pretty Footloose to me.. Purposeful decision? Considering HSM director Kenny Ortega wants to remake the film with Zac Efron taking on Kevin Bacon's lead role: Yes.

HSM 3 is out in theatres October 24th.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

I never thought I'd say this but: I Feel Like Ali Lohan

I find myself catching little snippets of Living Lohan occasionally and every single time I do, I'm amazed at what I'm seeing. In this clip, Ali Lohan is listening, along with her family, producers, and vocal coach, to the first single she recorded for her "album" (which I put in quotes because I'm still holding out hope that an actual album never quite materializes).

Mini-Lindsay is apparently the only sane person in that room, as her reaction to the song, to cover her face (which is probably what I would do, as I was already doing it sitting here alone in my room), is the only truly believable reaction to experiencing something like that. The woman sitting on the side of the couch, her vocal coach, who was "flipping out," should not be paid for what she does.

Rather than knock Ali any more, because I don't believe she is responsible for the complete insane-ness that is her life, I'll just post a few songs by people that I believe really deserve attention for their music!

First: Jojo. Oh yes, JOJO.

Next: My Good Friend Maegan Wright and her awesome song Kinda Like It.
You can find more songs from Maegan at her MYSPACE.

And lastly, my friend Chris and his short, but effective rendition of Jojo's "Too Little Too Late"


Dirty Jobs on QVC

The host of Discovery Channel's very popular Dirty Jobs, Mike Rowe began his television career not cleaning up after pigs on farms, but rather by hosting the late-night shift on QVC. This led to him selling many bizarre, BIZARRE things.

Watch the above video where he attempts to come up with ways to interest viewers in a crinkly bag being sold as the toy for cats, "Katsak."

It's pretty awkward. And by "awkward" I mean HILARIOUS.

High School Musical On Tour: "Six Flags Show on Steroids?"

The national tour of High School Musical is in town now and Mark-Brian Sonna of pegasus News has some not-so-glowy things to say about it. Here's a short excerpt from his review to give you the idea:

The set was fantastic! The scene changes were a spectacle to behold! The costuming was wonderful! The lighting was not only superb it was even arena concert worthy! No expense was spared! The singers had fantastic voices! The cast was gorgeous to look at it! The musical score that has become world famous for every song is like an earworm that you can’t help but find yourself toe-tapping to it and I was tapping away! The show is a disappointment! The audience that was screaming before the show began never screamed again!

What went wrong?

This show is a Six Flags show on steroids. Not that the shows at Six Flags are bad, but they tend to be so overproduced that there is very little room for spontaneity. They frequently feel canned.


I can't say that I'm shocked that the stage production of HSM would come off as theme-parky, but I am a little disappointed. CLICK HERE to see the full review. It's a good read.

Walmart is NOT Playing Around

For several months now I've seen these signs posted at the edges of the parking lots at the local Walmarts around town.They say that if you push their carts past these yellow painted lines on the concrete, a locking device on the wheels will be enacted, causing the carts to become immobile.For the longest time I thought that this was just a REALLY lame attempt by Walmart to make its customers believe that wheeling a cart over a painted light would make them useless. And I'm pretty sure that, at least at first, this was true. The signs were posted long before any sort of changes were made to the carts.
NOW, however, this is totally for real. The front left wheel on most of the carts has a sensor that receives a signal emitted from something buried beneath the grass on the perimeters of the parking lots which causes a device on the back wheels to flip down and lock.

It's pretty crazy, but pretty darn smart too.

I guess I'm gonna have to find another way to get my groceries home now..


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Seniors Love Iron Man!

Is it possible that my 87-year-old grandfather announced at dinner last night that he had seen Iron Man and thoroughly enjoyed it? Yes it is, because he did. He even went one step further and described the experience as "Amazing."

I hate to say this, but I might actually go see it now!

I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3.. And I actually liked it!

So a couple nights ago I decided to RedBox the latest in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, At World's End. After barely staying awake during its predecessor, and hearing mostly all negative reviews (from friends and critics and critic-friends), I went into this viewing experience with virtually no expectations and I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out that I thoroughly enjoyed it!

At World's End holds several distinctions: it was the highest grossing film of 2007, it garnered two Academy Award nominations, and it is the only American-made film of the last 10 years not to feature actor Fred Willard.
At the beginning of the film I was under the slight impression that it may be a musical, considering everyone was singing, but luckily that didn't flesh out.

There were several moments that stood out as "especially entertaining" to me:

First of all, I loved the little monkey.. We got to see Little Monkey Shooting Fireworks, Little Monkey Shivering, Little Monkey with a Gun. Each time the monkey was on screen, he easily stole the scene, yet he still reportedly received a wage much smaller than that of Johnny Depp...

There was also an Eddie Murphy, Meet Dave, moment when little Jack Sparrows crawled out of normal-sized Jack Sparrow's ears and began talking to him. Perhaps this is where Eddie Murphy got the inspiration for his upcoming film, which is no doubt bound to be the worst of the year?

My favorite moment, I think, was near the beginning when Jack and Barbossa are arguing over who will captain the ship.. which can be seen in this clip at 2 minutes and 40 seconds.
[Barbossa is giving orders and Jack repeats the order]
Barbossa: What are you doin'?
Jack Sparrow: What are *you* doin'?
Barbossa: No, what *are* you doin'?
Jack Sparrow: What are *you* doin'?
Barbossa: *No!* What *are* you doin'?
Jack Sparrow: What are *you* doin'? Captain gives orders on the ship.
Barbossa: The captain of the ship *is* givin' orders.
Jack Sparrow: My ship, makes me captain.
Barbossa: They be my charts!
Jack Sparrow: Well, that makes you
Jack Sparrow: chartman.
Pintel: Stow it! Both of you! That's an order! Understand?
[Jack and Barbossa stare at him]
Pintel: Sorry. I just thought with the Captain issue in doubt, I'd throw my name in for consideration, sorry.

So to those who told me it was horrible I say: chill back!

Cuz I liked it!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It Feels Like Christmas !!!

For me, the most accurate representation of the treasures I would find in my own personal heaven could be seen any time you fly in a plane by reaching into the seat-back pocket in front of you and pulling out the latest Sky Mall. During my non-traveling periods I look to the next best thing, Hammacher Schlemmer, Sky Mall for the Earth-bound.

When I opened my mailbox today and found the amazingness that is the new Hammacher Schlemmer catalog, it felt like a Christmas miracle in July. Below you will find just a few of the highlights for me from this, July edition of the catalog.First of all, how could you NOT be intrigued by the interesting retro-futuristic item featured on the cover? I immediately looked within the pages to find what it was and it turned out to be none other than "The iPOD GRAMOPHONE." What home would this NOT look great in? The drawback however, is that the gramophone isn't powered and doesn't generate its own sound. Instead, you put your iPod headphones inside the apparatus and it projects it out the horn, resulting in music "near the sound level of laptop computer speakers." AAAAAnd it's 500 dollars.For all 20 years of my life I have looked for "THE BEST SWIM GOGGLES." Little did I know that they were living within the pages of this magnificent magazine...

Also, let me point out that the prefix "THE" is included with EVERY item in the catalog. This was, no doubt, a choice made by some higher-up in the company who thinks that by including this definitive word with every item, it will invoke some sense of prestige about the products, making the reader think it's like an EXCLUSIVE thing... Didn't work for me...

MOVING ON. Imagine the looks you'll get walking around with this luxurious timepiece hanging off your wrist. Probably about the same look you'd get if you walked around with a silver dollar taped to your arm.. cuz it's pretty much the same thing.You're right. This IS the only underwater pogo stick..

These sort of things always SOUND like a good idea but when you think about it, it really doesn't make much sense. I mean logistically speaking, if you're having a party indoors this remote control blimp is pretty much useless. Between the low ceilings and fans, it's bound to be either VERY in the way or shredded to pieces.
If you can't read the description of these: "THE GENUINE ELK DRIVING MOCCASSINS," they are described of being "cut from a single piece of CREAMY soft leather," which, to me, "creamy leather" just sounds disgusting and I definitely don't want it on my feet.
When I visualize the word "PARTY" in my mind, it doesn't look anything like "THE GIANT ENTERTAINMENT TENT." This tent looks straight out of Batman's cave and I'm pretty sure even he wouldn't be comfortable hosting a shindig in it.
In order to be of good value, things must be multi-functional. Like this hat for instance, protects from the sun's harmful UV rays AND repels women. And sadly, I will NOT be surprised if I see my dad mowing the lawn in this one day...
Now, I don't drink liquor, so I'm not well-versed in the necessity of it being 5 degrees, which this unit claims to make it. But the description isn't exactly all that assuring as it actually says "For optimal results, use pre-chilled liquor." So what's the point of buying a liquor chiller if, in order to use it, you must chill it first... Maybe it's just me....And finally, the item that would get the most use in my house, THE INDOOR DOG RESTROOM. Basically it's a doormat made of fake grass with a tray below that will hold your pet's urine. I don't know, this thing might actually work! Not too shabby. NOT. TOO. SHABBY.

Now if you could only TEACH your dog that this tiny doormat-sized space covered with astroturf is where they need to go to the restroom....

Those are just a few of the wondrous things I found, and I can't help but thinking: