Sunday, July 6, 2008

5 Days Until iPhone/4 Days Left with a Sidekick

I've had a Sidekick (the amazing T-Mobile phone, not a person that follows me around and agrees with everything I say) for about 3 years now and with the approach of the iPhone 3G and my impending switch to AT&T, I'd like to just say a quick 'Thank You' to my Sidekick...

It has been a great phone, it really has. Even up until this day its screen's swivel feature that flips open to reveal a keyboard still impresses strangers on the street and people waiting with me in lines at the airport or amusement parks.

The Sidekick has also gotten me out of a lot of awkward situations. Its Internet capability has allowed me to pretend to be intently involved in something in order to conveniently not see those kids from middle school across the way from me that I really don't want to run into.

The Sidekick has also allowed me to freely look up phone numbers, maps, blogs, news, and basically anything I needed on the Internet, YEARS before all these iPhoners ever could. I chatted on AIM, played Battleship with my friend Logan online, and took pictures of the crazy ghost-hunting woman I sat by while being an extra in Mark Whalberg's Disney movie, Invincible. I broke the thing at least 3 times. The first two were not my fault (THEY WEREN'T! IT JUST STOPPED WORKING!) and the third time I actually dropped it. But then a friend was playing with it and dropped it again, causing it to work. Ugh, such fun times...

The Sidekick has been a great phone and I will truly miss it. Now it's time to move on to bigger and better things, but Sidekick, I'll NEVER forget you.