Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don't Go Atomic!

So I LOVE Wingstop. Love their wings, love their fries, love their ranch, love everything about them. However tonight, after more than 5 years of ordering 10 "Original Hot" wings, I decided to be a little wild and get 5 Original Hot and 5 "ATOMIC."

Now, I'm not an idiot so I knew what I was getting myself into. Or so I thought.

Holy goodness yall, those Atomic ones are HOT! Like, INSANELY HOT! There are so many spices coating those wings you can literally smell them a mile away. I took a bite of my first Atomic and my mouth immediately felt like it was literally on fire. I flooded my mouth with what probably amounted to 3 gallons of water before it began to die down. A LITTLE.

So needless to say: I didn't eat any more Atomics. I stuck to the just plain old Hot ones and freedom fries drenched in ranch dressing.

WHEW. That was too much. I'm still trying to get over it.