Thursday, July 3, 2008

High School Musical On Tour: "Six Flags Show on Steroids?"

The national tour of High School Musical is in town now and Mark-Brian Sonna of pegasus News has some not-so-glowy things to say about it. Here's a short excerpt from his review to give you the idea:

The set was fantastic! The scene changes were a spectacle to behold! The costuming was wonderful! The lighting was not only superb it was even arena concert worthy! No expense was spared! The singers had fantastic voices! The cast was gorgeous to look at it! The musical score that has become world famous for every song is like an earworm that you can’t help but find yourself toe-tapping to it and I was tapping away! The show is a disappointment! The audience that was screaming before the show began never screamed again!

What went wrong?

This show is a Six Flags show on steroids. Not that the shows at Six Flags are bad, but they tend to be so overproduced that there is very little room for spontaneity. They frequently feel canned.


I can't say that I'm shocked that the stage production of HSM would come off as theme-parky, but I am a little disappointed. CLICK HERE to see the full review. It's a good read.