Thursday, July 3, 2008

I never thought I'd say this but: I Feel Like Ali Lohan

I find myself catching little snippets of Living Lohan occasionally and every single time I do, I'm amazed at what I'm seeing. In this clip, Ali Lohan is listening, along with her family, producers, and vocal coach, to the first single she recorded for her "album" (which I put in quotes because I'm still holding out hope that an actual album never quite materializes).

Mini-Lindsay is apparently the only sane person in that room, as her reaction to the song, to cover her face (which is probably what I would do, as I was already doing it sitting here alone in my room), is the only truly believable reaction to experiencing something like that. The woman sitting on the side of the couch, her vocal coach, who was "flipping out," should not be paid for what she does.

Rather than knock Ali any more, because I don't believe she is responsible for the complete insane-ness that is her life, I'll just post a few songs by people that I believe really deserve attention for their music!

First: Jojo. Oh yes, JOJO.

Next: My Good Friend Maegan Wright and her awesome song Kinda Like It.
You can find more songs from Maegan at her MYSPACE.

And lastly, my friend Chris and his short, but effective rendition of Jojo's "Too Little Too Late"