Thursday, July 3, 2008

Walmart is NOT Playing Around

For several months now I've seen these signs posted at the edges of the parking lots at the local Walmarts around town.They say that if you push their carts past these yellow painted lines on the concrete, a locking device on the wheels will be enacted, causing the carts to become immobile.For the longest time I thought that this was just a REALLY lame attempt by Walmart to make its customers believe that wheeling a cart over a painted light would make them useless. And I'm pretty sure that, at least at first, this was true. The signs were posted long before any sort of changes were made to the carts.
NOW, however, this is totally for real. The front left wheel on most of the carts has a sensor that receives a signal emitted from something buried beneath the grass on the perimeters of the parking lots which causes a device on the back wheels to flip down and lock.

It's pretty crazy, but pretty darn smart too.

I guess I'm gonna have to find another way to get my groceries home now..



Dry-ice said...

Hahaha, yeah, they put magnets in the ground. You still might be able to use a cart though. I believe if you go off roading, up a cerb and through the grass your cart won't be disabled. Try it next time; it might be worth a shot.