Saturday, August 23, 2008

Don't Use Cell Phones Under Anesthesia !

A few weeks ago I finally had my wisdom teeth removed.

Now, after looking through my phone, I've just discovered that apparently while I was recovering from being under the influence of the anesthesia, I unknowingly took pictures of myself. (Note the puffy cheeks and headphones they gave me to listen to while I was "asleep").
It's not that the pictures are really embarrassing or anything, it's just that I have absolutely no recollection of taking them, which is not good. And that nurse is looking at me like "What the heck is he doing?!"Anyway people, learn from this: be careful, and next time you go into surgery, just leave your cell phone in the car...

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Anonymous said...

Only you would try to document the removal of your wisdom teeth.

Speaking of documenting- I demand to see video/pictures from Joel McHale night!