Thursday, August 7, 2008

I Guess I Can't Watch the Olympics

Tomorrow is 8/8/08 which means two important things will be happening: 1- the Olympic Summer Games will begin, and 2- Bob Costas can come out of hiding (but only if he promises to go right back when the Olympics are over).

With the Summer Games beginning tomorrow, I decided to use a few minutes this morning to set my TiVo to record all the events which I deemed important. NBC is claiming to have spectacular coverage this year with "3600 hours on 7 networks." And I'm sure their broadcasts will indeed be wonderful, however they did forget one thing which may cause a heck of a problem:

You see, we live in 2008, the age of TiVo and DVR. No one. I repeat, NO ONE watches TV on time anymore. Even my 88-year-old grandfather watches everything on TiVo.

So I was shocked this morning when I went to set certain events to record, that instead of splitting up the Olympic events into any sort of logical programs with normal lengths, NBC has lumped them all together in outrageously long blocks of coverage, some up to EIGHT HOURS LONG. (There is literally one from 9am-5pm).

And this is what I have to say about that:

First of all, most people don't have 8 hours worth of recording available on their DVRs for ONE day, let alone the entire duration of the Olympics. Second of all, I know NBC probably doesn't like to admit it, but there are actually good shows on OTHER networks (including the other networks covering the Olympics) that people may want to watch. I suppose they may think that if you're forced to record the entire day, that will keep you on NBC. But if most people are like me, they'll just forget about recording the Olympics altogether in favor of catching their regular shows on other channels.

Not to mention all the people with season passes for Oprah, they'll never cancel out for the Olympics...The YouTube/TiVo generation likes to have exactly what they want, when they want it. You won't find me sifting through 8 hours of shot putting to find that 10-second-long 100 yard dash that I want to see. They'd be much better off grouping events together into shorter blocks of an hour or two where they'll get many more viewers. Selective viewers, but MANY more.

I'm just saying NBC: adapt to the times.