Monday, August 11, 2008

I Like the Olympics

I wasn't sure if I would embrace the Olympics this year or not, and considering the scheduling issues, I didn't even know if I'd get to see any of them.

But luckily, I caught a majority of the incredibly cool opening ceremonies (I ducked out after USA's Olympians were introduced cuz there were just too many countries). And let me tell you: the Chinese can put on a show. But everyone's already talked about all that so I thought I'd just highlight a couple of the buildings that I thought were awesomely cool.The Birds Nest, aka Beijing National Stadium, where the opening ceremonies took place is just about the coolest looking stadium I've seen. It currently holds 91,000 people and will house the track and field events as well as the closing ceremonies. After the games are over, the stadium will be home to the Beijing Guoan Football (soccer) Club and they will be auctioning off naming rights to it. So with that being said, I would like to invite investors to go in on it with me so it can eventually become "The Football (Soccer) Stadium." I would even be willing to call it "The Winfrey Football (Soccer) Stadium" if Lady O happens to be reading this entry...The other really awesome building is simply called "The Water Cube" which is a giant ice-cube-looking building that houses the swimming races. (This is where the 4x100m Mens Relay took place and the United States whooped up on France. Watch that awesome race HERE if you missed it).The sections on the outside of the cube are all equipped with fancy schmancy LED lights that can change color and make for a pretty cool effect.So so far I've gotta say: the Olympics have been pretty cool and I'm pretty sure I'll keep watching.

But I guess I've gotta start making plans if I'm gonna be running the Winfrey Football Stadium soon...