Monday, August 11, 2008

Movie Prices are Freaking Insane

So yesterday I went to see Wall-E at the AMC Movie Theatre at Northpark Mall in Dallas. The showtime was 5:05 so I was expecting to pay whatever the matinee price is, however I was informed that there wasn't a matinee price (and after looking it up, I found that AMC only runs matinee pricing Monday-Thursday). OK, "Do you have a student price then?" I asked. "No. Student prices are only on Thursdays." WHAT THE HECK?!

OK- "Just give me one freaking ticket for Wall-E then."

"That'll be 10 dollars."

Cue my minor heart attack. I realize that some people around the country (LA and NYC) have been paying more than 10 dollars for a movie for quite some time, but I have NEVER in my life paid 10 dollars to see a movie that was not IMAX. So it got me to thinking, if people are paying $10 and more to see movies, it's no wonder movies like The Dark Knight are making such obscene amounts of cash at the box office. And yet, people celebrate it like it's such an amazing thing to have been completely ripped off.
That's not to say Dark Knight wasn't a great movie, but come on! News programs will literally run a story on how outrageous gas prices are, showing people complaining about how much money Exxon makes, and then run the box office tallies and celebrate that Warner Brothers has made $440 million on Batman. We're paying more than double what we were 10 years ago, which is close to or more than the price of owning the movie on DVD, to see it just one time, and yet people don't really seem to notice or care.

I'm just saying: you can't complain about gas prices and then drop $50 on seeing Mamma Mia! five times. It just doesn't add up.

PS: shout out and "thank you" to the Culwell's for buying my $10 Wall-E ticket yesterday!


Pat R said...

this is one of the only plays i've ever seen, which ended up being great... it's funny to think of ol' Pierce taking a stab at singing, yeeesh