Monday, August 18, 2008

You should probably watch Queen Bees

My friends Logan and Whitney recently got me hooked on a new show on The N called Queen Bees. It's a reality show where a group of queen bees (aka "mean girls") live together while trying to overcome their meanness. The girls participate in themed challenges and group therapy sessions with "Dr. Michelle," which lead to weekly progress reports where the girls earn stars based on how well they're doing with becoming nicer.

Needless to say: it's REALLY entertaining.

My favorite bee is Stassi (pronounced STAH-SEE. I know, annoying, right?) from New Orleans. So last night I'm perusing the Internets trying to find more info on this Stassi girl, when all of a sudden I come upon her IMDB page which reveals that Queen Bees wasn't the first time Stassi was on reality TV. That actually came in 2005 when her family participated in The Amazing Race: Family Edition. I can't help but note the fact that Stassi is basically unrecognizable in this picture and looks more like Hayley from American Dad than the Stassi we know and love from Queen Bees.Anyway.. it's a REALLY entertaining show and you should watch it. If only to see how crazy "Brittany" is.

If you haven't seen any Queen Bees yet, don't worry, you can TiVo replays Sunday, August 24th on MTV beginning at 6am. OR you can watch full episodes for free (and also commercial-less) on


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