Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Blog-umental Announcement: Urban & Rucker

It is with great pride and joy that I announce the arrival of a new BLOG in town. For quite some time, my friend Samantha Urban and I have commented on each other's blog postings with our opinions on the topic the other had discussed, whether it was movies, TV, music, or anything else.

Finally, a light bulb went off and we decided that it would be awesome if we joined forces and created a blog where we dispersed BOTH of our opinions within the same entries!

The result: Urban & Rucker.

(Below is kind of a weird picture of us at prom.) At Urban & Rucker, we post reviews on the latest and greatest things in entertainment: movies, music, books, television.. you name it, and we will probably talk about it. Ebert and Roeper left a huge void in the Entertainment Review universe when their show got cancelled, and Urban & Rucker are ready to fill that void with lots of opiniony goodness.

Each of us gives our take on the subject and rates it on a "Soooo/Sooo/Soo/So Bad" to "So/Soo/Sooo/Soooo Good" scale
(the more "o"s, the better or worse it is).

It's gonna be a lot of fun, so check it out! It's Soooo Good.

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