Friday, September 12, 2008

I Have a Trashy Apartment!

OK, maybe that title was a little misleading, but seriously, look at all the trash in the dumpsters at my apartment! And that's not just trash, it's like full-size couches, bed frames, and mattresses... If you look closely in the second dumpster there's like a huge, and might I say comfortable-looking*, chair in there!What's the dealio guys? Why are we hating on all this furniture? Of course, I will agree that some of it does look like it's served its purpose...

Anyway, CRAZY!

*comfortable BEFORE all the trash was thrown on it...

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Anonymous said...

I have an awesome futon/couch in my apartment that the fiancé and I found next to the dumpster at my old apartment. There was nothing wrong with it, so we hauled it inside. When I got to my current apartment, I covered the black futon/couch with a blue striped cotton tapestry and now it looks awesome and matches my other furniture. Reallllly brings the room together.

Moral of the story: Don't ignore dumpster furniture.