Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'll bet BAYLOR doesn't have an egg roll stand...

What do you do when you're hungry and have nothing to eat? Well if you're lucky enough to go to the University of Texas at Austin, all you have to do is walk your tail over to the egg roll stand in front of the tower... I only had to pay $1 (that's ONE dollar) for a wonderful, hot and delicious chicken-filled egg roll. And boy am I glad I did! I'm pretty sure it's the best decision I've made today, and likely the best decision I'll make this entire week.Baylor may or may not have such an institution that serves egg rolls out of a metal cart on their campus too, but to this day I haven't heard of one (cuz it doesn't exist)...

I only bring this up to point out simple differences between universities that are generally not addressed when young, innocent high schoolers are making the decision as to where they will enroll for higher education...

So to anyone currently making that choice, it's actually pretty simple:

UT=Egg Roll / Baylor=No Egg Roll

I rest my case.

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Anonymous said...

Good point. I wish high schoolers knew that, unless you have a specific major in mind that a certain school specializes in, all colleges are essentially the same. That's why the savvy student should base their college choice on:

- the attractiveness of the campus
- the food options on/near campus
- how good you look in the school colors