Sunday, September 28, 2008

My Thoughts on SURVIVOR: Gabon

It's been a good long while since I've watched Survivor.. seven seasons actually. But for some reason I decided to pick up the habit again this year for Survivor Gabon, the 17th season of Survivor (YES, SEVENTEENTH season).

First things first: this is definitely the most BEAUTIFUL season of Survivor. We can thank HDTV for this, as this is the first season of the show to be shot in HD. It's incredible how much of a difference it really makes. It looks like a movie... And I guess Gabon itself should be given some credit too. It's pretty nice. If you're unaware (as I was prior to just Wikipedia-ing it): Gabon is a country in west central Africa sharing borders with Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, Republic of the Congo and the Gulf of Guinea. The show also dubs Gabon as "Earth's Last Eden" in their promos because so much of it has been untouched by human hands-- until now when they decided to shoot a television show there... So far the scenery has definitely been b-e-a-u-tiful and I expect that to continue.

The tribes this year are "Kota" and "Fang" (pronounced FONG) but could be better known as "Winners" and "Losers." CBS showed two episodes on premiere night and in both cases the Fang tribe had to send someone home. But that wasn't really a terrible thing in my opinion; both people that went home were REALLY annoying. The first: the most negative girl in the tribe, second: the most positive girl in the tribe. Gillian, the latter, tried at first to be the tribe mother by encouraging everyone at all times; her persistent positivity is what eventually led to her demise. That and her oldness.Winning both of the first two immunity challenges may have gone to Kota's head though: Jacquie (or possibly Kelly) said "I don't envision us losing-- ever," during one of her post-challenge interviews. That my friends, is never a good thing to say. Look for that coming back to bite her very soon.

Even though they lost every challenge, I think our Fang tribe should be given some props for craftiness as they somehow fashioned a fishing hook out of glasses rims and successfully caught dinner with it!One of the best things about Survivor, and a lot of reality competition shows for that matter, is a little something called Dramatic Irony: when we the audience know something the people in the show don't know-- making the people on the show look like idiots. It happens a lot in Survivor. Nearly every Tribal Council someone is completely knocked off their feet when the entire tribe votes them out and they never saw it coming (as was the case for both Michelle and Gillian).

A great example of dramatic irony from this week's episode was after Dan returned back from Exile Island. Dan's tribe was convinced that he had found the hidden immunity idol on Exile Island, but we knew he didn't have it and his tribe refused to believe him when he said he didn't have it. So at Tribal Council, Crystal tried to force it out of him by flat-out saying she thought he had it. Of course the audience knew that Dan didn't have it, so Crystal just ended up looking like an idiot. When it came time to reveal the idol, Dan showed he didn't have it. Crystal was not too thrilled.I should also add that for some reason Dan wore a button-up shirt and tie to tribal council. He looked like someone dressing up for Halloween as Jack from LOST.These people must have been plucked straight from their jobs or something because most of them arrived wearing business attire. Or maybe someone told them they were going to be on the new season of The Apprentice and decided to throw them for a loop.

I look forward to the rest of this season as well as the new season of my favorite reality competition show, The Amazing Race, which premieres Sunday (Sept. 28) on CBS!Rucker's Rating: Soo Good

If you missed this week's episode of Survivor, catch it for free online HERE.

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